The Goblet Of Fire at WB Studio Tour

We have been to the Warner Bros Studio Tour several times over the year and each time we go it seems to get more and more magical. Harry Potter is one of those classic things that we as a family can't seem to get enough of. So when we were invited down to experience their new Goblet of Fire additions, we couldn't Apparate there fast enough!

Entering the tour is just as exciting whether it's your first time or your tenth. This time around, Max and I brought along our friend (and old work colleague Louise) who hasn't been to the studio tour since it first opened. With a whole host of things for her to see, it was like walking into it with a fresh set of eyes. Upon entering the lobby, you are greeted with a gigantic Tri-wizard Cup that will literally take your breath away.

Once through the doors of the great hall, you are greeted with the goblet of fire itself at the end of the hall. With a ring around it to obviously stop people too young putting their name in the goblet, we were shown how it can fire out a name that will enter the cup. Of course the name was Harry himself and as soon as we had discovered that, we were ready to explore the rest of the tour.

The studio tour is split into two studio spaces with a back lot joining them. The first studio space is full of amazing props and stage set ups. You are allowed to walk around as you please and take your time with everything. We were blown away by the prefects bathroom taps which were honestly magical with all the colours running. Dumbledore's Office is always one of my favourite spaces and the Ministry of Magic is literally magical!

We had our photos taken on brooms, took part in spell lessons and even summoned a broom using spells. To say that there is a lot to do is a bit of an understatement, there is something to see or take part in at every corner and you'll be surprised at how quickly the time will fly when you are taking everything in.

I find that each time we go, there is something new to find and discover, even within the sets and bits that we have seen before. It's honestly so magical and I find it so breathtaking at all the details that are put into the films and sets.

We haven't been for well over a year, and since then the studio tour had added the forbidden forest. It was something that I was super excited to see. Heading through the gates to the forest is like stepping into a whole new world. Darkness surrounds you and the wind is blowing through your hair, the forbidden forest looks like it goes on for miles. Soon enough you see Buckbeak, the gorgeous hippogriff. I loved the way that it moved so gracefully, it almost seemed like it was real! Max spent ages bowing to it and taking everything in. 

It's worth noting that those with an aversion to spiders mught want to skip the Forbidden Forest ( there is a cit through) due to Aragog and his friends taking residence in the the corner of the forest. At intervals he likes to make an appearance and even for us (who aren't that fussed with them) found it slightly intimidating!

After taking a look at the train, we headed to the backlot cafe to enjoy some tasty food and Butterbeer. Whilst Max and Louise opted for the drink, I went for the ice cream and absolutely loved it. Full of flavour with that bit of fizz to it, it was seriously perfect!

The backlot is full of fantastic vehicles and buildings including Privet Drive, the Knight Bus and other cars and motorbikes. Max had loads of fun running around and letting off a bit of energy whilst we enjoyed taking it all in and wondering if we could sneak onto the Knight Bus to take us home.

The second half of the tour focuses on the prosthetics, special effects and some spectacular models. From dancing with Dobby to show you how they create the CGI, to looking at the masks and wings on display, it's fantastic for anyone that loves those little extras that make the films so special. I'm always stunned by the electronics that make the book of creatures come to life and help Voldemort breathe.

You then head into Diagon Alley and can peek into the windows of the shops every other Hogwarts student ventures into. Walking down the cobblestones you want to wave a wand and cast a spell it's that magical!

There are some more Goblet of Fire secrets hidden throughout the second half, including a model of the ship that Durmstrang Institute take to get to the Tri-Wizard tournament. Following that you head to the final event, seeing Hogwarts castle in all it's glory. I can honestly say that each time I go it takes my breath away. I forget how massive it is, how beautiful it is and how detailed it is.

Finally we ventured through the wand room to get to the gift shop (and spend all our money!). The wand room is amazing and each one is named with someone that helped on the film, from actors to runners, everyone is there. It's absolutely brilliant and a perfect tribute to the people that made these films possible.

The Goblet Of Fire event runs until the 23rd September and I can't recommend it enough. It was such a magical evening that I don't think any of us will be forgetting in a hurry. Thank you so much to the Warner Bros Studio Tour for inviting us, it was a magical evening and we can't wait to come back!

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