Now Or Never - Circa Tsuica Review

We are huge fans of the creativity that comes with seeing a circus. Each time we go and see one, we see something that is wonderful and amazing and takes our breath away. Now or Never by Circa Tsuica was certainly a circus that we won't be forgetting!

Setting up their tent in Hamworthy Park in Poole and in association with Lighthouse Poole, Circa Tsuica combine acrobatics with brass music to create a fusion of circus that captivates. Heading to the park the tent looked amazing set against the sea line, with caravans dotted around the enclosure. It felt like we were entering someone's home yet you instantly felt at ease. With instruments placed all around the outside of the tents, children were encouraged to step forward and play before the show had even begun!

As soon as we had entered the tent, we were greeted with open arms by the cast (literally!) and handed a cup to help ourselves to a drink and a crepe before the show started. With the cast mingling amongst everyone, you couldn't tell who was performing and who was watching. It was a fantastic way of getting people talking and making people feel comfortable and settled before things had begun. As we took our seats on the benches, we couldn't wait for the show to get started and the hubbub of others talking really got us in the mood for something exciting and immersive. 

The show literally blew us away. I can honestly say that I thought riding a bike was easy until I watched Circa Tsuica take to the stage. With human pyramids formed on one bike, to joining bikes together to create a super acrobatic form, it was honestly mind blowing how they all kept in sync throughout the whole show.

All in tune to the brass instruments they play, mixed with what felt like traditional folk singing, you were automatically entranced and I can honestly say I couldn't take my eyes off the stage. I loved the slapstick, the crude and the outlandish humour that was infused throughout the show. Whilst one of the cast took to the stage to tell everyone to turn off your TV and love each other in the moment. It was truly a touching reminder that physical memories will always outshine those stuck behind the screen.

We are huge fans of traditional circus styles. Whilst we loved the dare devil stunts that motorbikes and sword throwing can give, it's the simple stunts that really stand out from the crowd. With acrobats flying across on a trapeze, to being thrown in the air on the side of a see-saw. It was magical and a true celebration of the circus.

I can honestly say that my favourite part of the show was the audience interaction. From pulling people on stage to get married, to getting them to hit a drum that's flying past on a bike, it was one of the best bits of immersive theatre we have seen for a long time. The kids loved waving scarves in the air to the music, and sitting on the rugs that were laid out to watch the somersaults up close. Max's face was one of an awestruck child that wanted to attempt it himself when he was home.

A fantastic show that had us on the edge of our seats, feeling like we were welcomed with open arms. A show that will captivate and ignite creativity and imaginations in the little things that we surround ourselves with. A brilliant show that you will love and want to stay a part of for a long time after! Thank you Lighthouse Poole and Circa Tsuica for a magical evening. We can't wait to practice our acrobatics!

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