Summer At Weymouth Sea Life

We absolutely love heading to the Weymouth Sea Life and Adventure Park, it's a little be of wonder and amazement tucked around the corner from us. And now we are annual pass holders, we want to go as much as possible. So with the sun shining, we decided to jump in the car and head down for a few hours to have a bit of fun!

Whilst the park doesn't open until 11am in the week, on weekends it's open at 10am and by the time we had turned up at just gone 10, there was a fairly substantial queue already. Luckily, with lots of things to do it didn't feel like there were many people there. Knowing that the exhibits and enclosures tend to get busy, we decided to go and look at all the creatures first.

I'm so proud at how brave Max is becoming, the first time we came to Weymouth Sea Life, he wouldn't even go near the rock pool. These days he's one of the first to stick his hand into the water and stroke the starfish that are chilling about. He even managed to get a rock pool ranger pop badge to add to his collection!

The great thing about the Sea Life park is that you can either follow the pre-designed route, or like us, head to your favourite places. We absolutely love the turtle area and ocean tunnel, so of course, headed there. Max is fascinated at all the different breeds of turtles and spends far too long talking to them and watching them. I think it must run in the family as I'm a sucker for them too.

The ocean tunnel is that wondrous place where each time you discover something different. That trip was no different, we were lucky to see two of the large turtles fast asleep in one corner and even saw one of them wake the other up! I also managed to snap this amazing picture (which might be a new favourite) of Max and a gorgeous sting ray. It's moments like this where you can stand in amazement at the wonderful creatures that live around us.

Of course we decided to head and see the jellyfish and fairy penguins, both some of our personal favourites. I still can't get over how loud the fairy penguins are, they are like a rowdy bunch of teenagers! One thing I love about heading to Weymouth Sea Life is that each trip is different, you can do as much or as little as you want. And this trip was one where whilst we wanted to enjoy the exhibits, we also wanted to take advantage of the play areas.

We spend a good time at Caribbean Cove, the giant play area. Set out like a treehouse and ship wreck, this play zone can keep Max amused for hours. We ended up having lunch here whilst he went on a shipwreck pirating adventure. I love how kids imaginations can run wild!

Finally with the sun shining, we headed to the splash zone. Nestled between the enclosures 1-3 there's a splash pad and a small pool. With plenty of seating and a mini cafe to purchase snacks from, you can easily spend all day here. And we spent most of the afternoon in the sun getting a little bit wet!

Max loves it as there such a great variety of things to play with, and with another shipwreck theme, the kids imaginations can run wild. It was a fantastic day out at one of our favourite Dorset attractions. We can't wait to head back next weekend!

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