Suneez Sunglasses Review

I think I've lost count of the amount of sunglasses we have gone through this summer, let alone the past few years. Most end up broken, damaged or even lost in the weeks and months that follow buying them. I've honestly got to the point of despair and have given up trying to find long lasting sunglasses for Max. That was until Suneez recently approached me to review a pair of their sunglasses. After hearing lots about them, I couldn't wait to give them a go. 

Suneez Sunglasses

There are six designs to choose from on the Suneez website and max opted for the classic white and red frames, not only because they looked cool, but also because we knew they would stand out in his rucksack. The sunglasses come in one size and are perfect for kids aged 5-12. With us going on holiday this summer, we thought they were perfect to test drive in the hotter weather of Bulgaria.

The sunglasses arrived in a little box with both a carry case and a neck strap. These are perfect for making sure that Max doesn't lose them as they are always secure around his neck. With a UVA and UVB protection on the polarised lenses, it's perfect for protecting his young eyes in the harsh summer light.

Suneez Sunglasses

The one thing that won me over about these glasses were the durability of them. Not only are the lenses really strong (I've seen countless kids lenses just pop out), but the whole frames of the glasses are flexible and just ping back into place. No matter how much you fiddle with them, play with them or bend them, they seem to be indestructible for little hands which is perfect!

These glasses survived the pool, the water slides and even the Bulgarian version of Go-Ape and still look brand new. I can honestly say that they are worth every penny and I would buy them ten times over if they weren't so indestructible.  They are fairly pricy at £25, but they are worth it for the fact that as a family, we could easily waste that much on a yearly basis on sunglasses. With these ones, we know that they will last the test of time.

Suneez Sunglasses

*Note: we were sent a pair of sunglasses in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

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