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This year we are actually off on a proper summer holiday. I don't remember the last time I first of all boarded a plane, and secondly went away in the summer holidays! This year we are off to Bulgaria and all of us are really excited to head out and have some time to relax without the stress of work and cleaning!

To prepare us, I'm already packing Max's hand luggage with lots of things to occupy the 3.5 hour flight and John Adams kindly sent us some of their new travel games to keep up entertained. Of course we had to play with them first to test them out.

John Adams Travel Games

One thing I love about travel games, is that they are perfect for throwing in the bag for the park, the pub or in hand luggage like what we are going to do. We've got a few card games at home, but the selection John Adams sent us are perfect for kids and adults alike. We are huge board game fans in general, with a giant toy box full on them in our lounge, and they are still spilling out into other storage areas!

  • Othello On The Move - I have to hold my hands up and say that in all my years of avid board game playing, Othello is still a game I haven't played let alone mastered. Based on the age old game of Reversi, Othello is played with two players and is a game of skill where you try and take control of the board by turning all the disks your colour. Max absolutely loves playing checkers and I think that this is one that we won't be putting away at all when we get on the plane.
  • Rummikub Travel - At home we are huge fans of playing rummy, the classic card game. This game works the exact same way, but uses tiles instead of cards to help you create your runs and sets. We've played this a few times since we've received it and I can honestly say that the competitive streak runs through all of us (especially me!) and we have all battled it out to win at least one round each. I love that this one really gets Max thinking and using his number skills to create patterns. I love that we can make learning fun with these fab games.
  • Triominos Travel - Okay, I admit. Triominos is a game that we are all obsessed with, so to have a travel set is a bit of a dream come true. A twist on the classic game of dominos, these tiles are in the shape of triangles and all the sides need to match! I love that this game is more than stealth based and you really have to strategise to win. Although, it's normally Max that takes home the crown with this one!
We honestly can't wait to go on holiday this year, mainly to have a break, but also to play some fantastic games that are coming with us! What's your favourite game to play as a family? I'd love to know in the comments below! 

John Adams Travel Games

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