What I Read In August

A large part of August was spent both on holiday or looking after Max, so reading was sparse and I was gutted I didn't get more time to read whilst we were away. Having said that, I gave my Kindle a good workout and managed to get through more than I expected. I'm still not convinced on my Kindle, and I still prefer real books to e-books. But it was great to get reading and discovering books I'd not thought to buy before. 

Frat Girl - Kiley Roach

Cassie has just one shot to score a scholarship for the college she wants to attend. So to make herself stand out, she wants to expose the most misogynistic fraternity there is by becoming a member. But will the boys live up to expectations? Or will they surprise her?

I enjoyed this. I liked the story, the aspects of everyday feminism in the modern day. And I loved how she was completely blown back by her ideas and she was learning throughout the story. Being a feminist in the modern world can sometimes be hard to navigate, especially when you have clear ideas of what is right and wrong. So I loved that this book challenged most peoples perceptions. I read it faster that I had read in a long time.

Thirteen - Steve Cavanagh

What happens when the serial killer isn't on trial? What if he's sat in the jury watching the scenes unfold. What happens when he has a say on the innocent person held accountable for his crime?

I honestly loved this. I'm a huge fan of crime and legal thrillers, so I knew this would be right up my street. I just didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I honestly couldn't put it down and I was on tenterhooks throughout the whole book. With fast paced action, twists and turns at every page and some shocking revelations, it's one to read.

Jar Of Hearts - Jennifer Hillier

High school cheerleader Gee helped kill her best friend with her childhood sweetheart. 14 years later she is caught and goes to prison. But when he escapes custody and goes on the run she fears him upon her release. When bodies start turning up, she knows it's only a matter of time.

I absolutely loved all the massive twists in this book. I have to admit that a few parts did drag a little, but you can totally overlook that for the last few chapters and the copious big reveals. I loved how there were loads of depth and backstories to each of the characters as it meant that you could honestly grow to love and hate them. A great thriller to read.

Fierce - Gin Philips

When a shooter starts killing people in a zoo, you must do whatever it takes to save yourself and your son. No matter the cost.

I read this book as part of the Mumsnet Book club and absolutely loved it. Fast paced and so intense you can't take your eyes away from the page!. Here's my full review: Fierce Review

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