Victorious 2018 Sunday Review

After the highs of the last two days of Victorious Festival we knew the rain was upon us. It's happened at both festivals we've attended in 2018 and we were hoping and praying that it wasn't going to be a washout for us again. 

Luckily, despite the Portsmouth winds blowing strong, the festival remained on and crowds of people took to Southsea Common for one last time. We decided to head down in the evening when the wind and rain was dying off to allow us to stay moderately dry and enjoy the headliners. 

Victorious Festival Sunday

We turned up early evening and decided to get our bearings, some of the stages had closed early and others had been moved to other places, so we wanted to make sure that the acts we wanted to see were still on. Luckily we were in luck and things were back on track for the night. So we decided to take another look around the site, whilst Scott tried some of the fantastic ale in the real ale tent, me and Max bumped into friends and family whilst wolfing down gorgeous mac and cheese.

The evenings at Victorious are when it really comes alive, and I love the blending of the music as you are walking around the site, with something different for everyone to listen to and enjoy. After listening to Friendly Fires, me and Max decided to head to the Castle stage. For whilst I would have loved to have watched The Prodigy, our little rock star had other ideas and wanted to catch Years and Years!

Scott decided to stay behind to tick The Prodigy off his bucket list. It's been a band that he has been wanting to see since he missed them about 7 years ago at Isle of Wight Festival. According to him they were amazing and had the whole crowd transfixed. With classic hits and songs that had the whole area jumping and dancing, he said the energy was electric. To say I'm a little bit jealous is an understatement.

Victorious Festival Sunday

With a fantastic selection of sweet treats on offer, Max decided to tuck into a bubble waffle (they were so yummy) with ice cream. It was the perfect pick me up before he danced the night away yo Example and then Years and Years.

I'm always so impressed with the quality of music on offer at Victorious. With something to tick everyone's boxes and interests, you're never bored at this festival. We spent the weekend flitting from stage to stage, seeing the bands that we loved, discovering new ones and catching moments of local students getting the opportunity to shine. It's really a festival that puts community at the centre, and builds itself around it.

Years and Years honestly blew us away. I can't get over how good they sound live, and Max absolutely loved singing along to some of his favourite songs. There's something special about being at a festival, bumping into family and singing your hearts out together and that's exactly what we did during Years and Years. It was one of those moments I won't be forgetting in a hurry. 

Victorious Festival Sunday - Years and Years

This year we were honestly blown away at Victorious Festival. Not only was there fantastic music, great shows, brilliant facilities and something for everyone to do, it had such a community feel to it that you really just fall in love with the festival.

I can honestly say that we will be going back to Victorious for as far into the future as I can imagine. There's something so special about this festival and it's something that our whole family love and enjoy time after time.

Thank you Victorious for a weekend to remember, we'll see you next year!

Victorious Festival Sunday - Years and Years

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