5 Car Care Tips For Any Drivers

I’ve previously spoken about how whilst I love driving, I’m not great with taking care of my car. Not only is it a permanent dumping ground for a 7 year old, but it’s also the idea of running out in the cold before a journey to give it a once over is the last thing I think about. But with research showing that neglecting basic car care means you will pay more in the long run when it comes to repairs, it’s something that I definitely need to think about. 

With October being National Car Care Month, here are 5 car care tips that any driver can get behind to ensure that they are safe on the road. 

  • Check your tyres for wear and tear
    This is as simple as ensuring that the pressure is correct and the tread is still optimal. Checking the pressure can easily be done at a local garage or supermarket, most of the PSI ratings are found inside the drivers door of your car. Tyre tread is an easy one to check. By using a 20 pence piece, pop it inside the tread of your tyre. If you spot the inner line of the coin, then it’s time to pop to your local garage and get them changed.

  • Check your lights
    As winter approaches, keeping your lights in check is key. Not only will it help you see on the daily commute, it will keep you safe from other drivers. Get a friend over and check everything from the brake lights to the hazards and reverse lights with a simple press of a pedal.

  • Changing and topping up fluids
    I can hold my hand up and say I am guilty as charged of neglecting my fluids in my car. Whether it’s topping up my washer fluid or making sure there is enough oil, it’s easy to forget or say that you will do it next time. By keeping your fluids topped up, you know that you will always be safe on the road and never caught short.

  • Checking your air conditioning
    In the winter this might seem a strange one, but your air conditioning does more than just cool you down. It helps regulate your car temperature and needs to be regularly topped up and changed. You can get your car’s air conditioning re-gassed in London from as little as £59, which is affordable and convenient.

  • Get your car regularly serviced
    It’s easy to say that you will regularly check your car, but if you’re like me it’s easy to forget. I try and ensure that my car is regularly booked in for a service to make sure that the qualified professionals can keep my car in top condition. Whilst I might fill it with mess, at least they can keep it running fine!

Taking care of a car can be hard at times, I’m the first to admit that it’s not my favourite job to do. But writing a simple checklist or popping reminders in your phone can be a great way to get things started. How do you take care of your car? Let me know in the comments below. 

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