Ascarium at Weymouth Sea Life

As Weymouth Sea Life ambassadors we are absolutely loving popping down most weekends to see our favourite sea creatures and get our Sea Life fun on. But when half term hit, we couldn't wait to pop down for their Ascarium event. So with Max and Rubi in tow, we drove down early and raced to see what was in store. 

We love the Sea Life centre and can easily spend all day there running around looking at all the exhibits again and again. But when they add some special events to gives the kids a bit of a mission to check out every single tank to try and solve the clues. It's a great way to engage not only the new customers, but also those that return frequently like us!

Their Ascarium event is based around Halloween and takes a much tamer approach to the scary events that other places are putting on. The Sea Life's friendly sea witch is in need of some help, she has left some of her magical ingredients in some of the tanks and needs help to complete her magic potion. Each child has a list of clues to find to then tell the witch and win a prize.

As with most of the treasure hunt based events that the Sea Life host, it's accessible for the youngest and the oldest of participants and is a great way to get people looking at everything and taking their time in each zone! Well I say that, my two decided to race through everything to find what they were looking for as "they needed to tell the witch quickly and can look at everything later". 

Dotted around all of the exhibits were other spooky things that filled us all with glee including singing pumpkins, photo spots and spooky decorations that just gave you a feeling of excitement! The kids were entranced with the singing pumpkins and they kept begging me to take them back so they could watch it again. 

I have to say that it was a brilliant hunt that resulted in the kids meeting the friendly witch and being told a secret password. With the password firmly locked in their brains, they grabbed some pop badges and went on their merry way to the gift shop to whisper the secret password. With a wave of delight they were given some gorgeous Sea Life cups to take home with them and remember their day.

One thing that I love about these events that Weymouth Sea Life host is that they are free and perfect for kids of all ages. Not only does it add that extra layer of excitement to their trip, but it also gives them the opportunity to learn more about the creatures whilst they are hunting for the clues.

Thanks so much Weymouth Sea Life for hosting such a fabulous event! We'll be back next week for more!

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