Wizard Weekend at the Watercress Line

Max is absolutely obsessed with trains. From playing with them at home to waving at them whenever they pass, he can't get enough! We were invited to head to the Watercress Line over the Halloween weekend to celebrate their Wizard Weekend. Let's just say we were spellbound by the fun we had!

The Mid Hants Railway Watercress Line is in the heart of Hampshire and has fantastic themed events on throughout the year including weekends with Thomas and war memorial days. We've been a couple of times to meet Thomas and Max absolutely loved it, so we couldn't wait to see how they transformed the stations and trains into a wizarding world.

We started off early by parking our car over next to Ropley station. On special event days they have a free carpark in a nearby field which was perfect for us. As soon as we stepped out the car we saw a train pass by and heard the cheers of people as it blew it horn. Soon enough we felt like we had been transported into a magical world full of children waiting to board the train to Hogwarts. 

Wizard Weekend Watercress Line

Our tickets entitled us to unlimited rides on the steam trains, along with various free activities at many of the stations. With a handy guide to help us plan our trip we decided to see what Ropley had to offer. With a craft area to keep children busy as they waited to board, owls to pet and hold alongside broomsticks to make there was something to keep everyone occupied. There was also a play area that Max spent quite a bit of time on as we waited patiently for the train.

It's worth noting that whilst some of the activities were chargeable including the owl handling and the broomstick making, they were all reasonably priced too. At just £1 to hold the owl we jumped at the chance and Max absolutely loved it. One of his great uncles keeps owls so he knew to be extra gentle with them and in his words "I felt like Harry Potter with my own Hedwig".

Wizard Weekend Watercress Line

Soon enough it was time to board the train to Alresford. In a cloud of steam, the train pulled into the station and we were ready to board. With slam doors, classic fitted coaches and even a tuck shop on board, it felt like we were all headed off to Hogwarts.

In Alresford there was even more to do including posing with the classic Ford Anglia that was heavily featured in the films. Not only that but with characters roaming the station, it really gave a sense of magic in the air that we all loved.

We even managed to go onto a static train that was decked out with everything from the movies. With a sorting hat, themed tables and photo ops in the carriages, it was easy for any Potter fan to not want to leave. We were also delighted to find out that the exact carriages that we were walking through had been used in the films which gave the boys some delight!

Wizard Weekend Watercress Line

Max was in his element as we went from station to station. And there needs to be a special mention to the wizard staff member at Alton station who spent many a moment casting spells with Max through the window as we waited for our return journey.

The Wizard Weekend was one that ticked the boxes for Harry Potter fans young and old. With something to please even the most littlest of person, it's clear to see that it was a popular weekend! I must say that whilst I felt it was crowded at first, once people had started dispersing to each station it felt much more relaxed and enjoyable.

We honestly loved our day on the Watercress Line, it gave Max that spark of imagination that he could definitely get his Hogwarts letter when he's old enough and head off on the train just like Harry and the gang! The Wizard Weekend is run every year at the Watercress line and is perfect for train loving families.

Wizard Weekend Watercress Line

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