Jacamo Clothing Review

I always find buying clothes for Scott a bit of a chore. Most of the clothes look the same or they are far from what he would wear, also he has fairly long legs so struggles to find something he likes in the shops. So when Jacamo set me a task to see what I could find for him on their website I couldn't wait. 

Jacamo pride themselves on being the brand that fits most men. Whilst not only covering a wide variety of sizes, they also carry a much better range for those that are tall etc too. Which is perfect for those that normally struggle on the high street. They also do a fantastic job at having not only Jacamo branded clothing, but also designer and high street names thrown in too. 

With a bit of a budget behind me I decided that I wanted to find something casual and smart for Scott. Not only does he need something for wearing on the weekends, he needs something smart and practical to wear in his day job as a surveyor. 

I decided to go for something that I knew would be pretty perfect on him. We went for the standard slim fit Jacamo branded jeans and a green checked shirt to complement it. As soon as Scott opened the package he was impressed. It's like I've bought him clothes that he likes before! Both of them fit perfectly, were true to size and also were soft and have washed really well since wearing.

I then spent ages trying to find him something for work. I knew that I wanted to find him some chinos as he needs that perfect blend of smart/casual. These Jacamo branded black chinos were perfect as they not only fit fantastically, but also went with all of his work shirts. I then wanted to treat him so opted for a branded polo. He tends to wear polos when he's popping on a site or going into the office and this French Connection one is the perfect choice. Not only is it understated and classy, it's also a great fit and washes really well.

We honestly loved shopping with Jacamo and really were impressed with what was on offer! So much so that we have already placed another order of some more work wear (as you can never have too much!) and some more jeans as in Scott's words, they are the best fitting jeans he has ever worn.

Thank's so much Jacamo for letting us try your service and see what's on offer.

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