Dick Whittington Panto Review - Lighthouse Poole

 Heading to the Lighthouse, Poole's pantomime is a Christmas tradition in our house. Every year we are blown away with how fantastic and fun their pantomimes are. With something to please everyone, we couldn't wait to head to see what they had in store for us this year.

Gracing the stage this time around was the tale of poor Dick Whittington, the story of the young boy from Poole who heads to London for fame and fortune. With villainous characters and catchy songs, it was a night that had adults and children laughing, cheering and singing along in their seats. Written and produced by Duncan Reeves Productions, who have led the way with the last two shows at the Lighthouse we knew we were in for a fab night.

The cast of Dick Whittington Lighthouse Poole
Photo by: Richard Budd
Taking the title role this year was the children's TV hero Chris Jarvis (I'm calling him a hero as every parent can agree that anyone that can captivate a toddler on TV is a hero!). Not only did he star in the title role, he teamed up with Duncan Reeves Productions to help create the show he would later star in. And can I just say that his input was a breath of fresh and fun air!

I can honestly say that we were so impressed with the whole cast. Max was captivated by Sammy Phillips who played the role of the acrobatic Tommy the cat whilst I loved the hilarity of Dereck Walker as Dame Dolly Donuts who literally had me in stitches with the classic panto innuendos that we know and love. Charlotte Knowles was fantastic at portraying the wonderful (yet oddly brilliant at rapping) Fairy Bow Bells whilst Katie Arundell was brilliant as Alice, the charming daughter of Alderman Fitzwarren who was played by the great panto veteran that is Richard Gibson (Allo Allo). 

Craig Rhys-Barlow completely won us all over as King Rat and really brought the villainous darkness that every pantomime includes. Max spent most of the show booing him and shouting at him to get off the stage and leave poor Dick alone! His team of young rats were the perfect companions and throughout the show you could see how well the whole of the ensemble cast were working to tie the show together. Each and every cast member that graced the stage added something magical to the show. 

Aside from the fantastic cast, I have to mention the brilliant jokes and side splitting scenes. From local jokes about living in Poole, to political jokes that hit the spot of the adults, there was seriously something for everyone. Max was in stitches at the nonsense fart jokes, whilst I adored the bake-off scene and the 12 days of Christmas song (I won't give any more away!). To think that there wasn't just flossing in the show, but also a brilliant UV Baby Shark scene too, shows just how well they hit the spot for kids and adults alike. 

Dick Whittington was the perfect blend of classic pantomime with modern touches that kept the audience hooked from the opening song to the last cast bow. It's a show that will appeal to everyone and will honestly give you a smile on your face and get you into the festive spirit. No need to say "Bah Humbug" as Dick Whittington is in town to save your evening entertainment. 

Dick Whittington is running at the Lighthouse in Poole until the 31st December. Tickets start from £23.25 and it's a perfect way to spend a Christmas evening or afternoon. To book click here.

The cast of Dick Whittington Lighthouse Poole

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