Dracula: The Bloody Truth Review - Le Navet Bete

We absolutely love theatre recommendations from friends, especially ones that are perfect for the whole family. Whilst we normally steer towards musicals and familiar characters, I couldn't help but feel intrigued when I saw an advert for Dracula: The Bloody Truth whilst waiting for Max to finish drama. Set to be a hilarious night to amuse the whole family, I couldn't help but snap up some tickets to see it at the Lighthouse, Poole. 

Le Navet Bete are one of the UK's leading physical comedy touring companies. With massive rave reviews from everyone including The Guardian, we knew we would be in for a treat. With a cast of 4 (and one tech guy that's also part of the team) we knew that there would be a whole host of character swapping, but we really weren't expecting it to be such a side splitting and hysterical night.

Based as a play within a play, you are greeted and told that you are going to be shown a story, one that will leave you quaking in your boots and hanging off the edge of your seat. Set on the age old tale of Dracula, you follow one man's tale to tell the true story behind the legendary vampire. You watch as he transports the audience back to Transylvania where he first encounters the man himself and then watch as chaos ensues across the rest of the show until the bloody end.

With gender bending comedy, side splitting moments that had all of us trying to catch our breath and audience interaction that truly felt like it was all going horribly wrong in front of you, it felt hard to work out what was going on at times. But in all honesty that made is so much more funnier. One minute you are dealing with staging being in the wrong place, and the next you realise that the story is progressing far too quickly for the actors to get into some more costumes.

A show that goes a mile a minute, yet you never feel like you miss a thing. It was honestly so fresh, innovative and original that I couldn't help but love every minute of it. Max and Scott were both laughing so hard that Max almost made himself sick! The signs of a good show when he laughs so much he feels queasy from it.

It's hard to explain the show, but whatever you think you are to expect from it...it won't be that. It will be funnier, fresher and sillier than you ever imagine. It will leave you and the rest of the audience buzzing and will be a show like no other. I don't want to spoil it by giving away the key plot points, but be rest assured that as you devolve into childish silliness throughout the night, it will be worth every penny you spend on a ticket.

Well done Le Navet Bete, you are onto a winner and that's the bloody truth!

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