Club Tropicana Review - Mayflower Southampton

Whilst I am not a child of the 80's, I can fully appreciate just how fantastic some of the music and culture of that time really was. From big tunes to even bigger shoulder pads, the 80's was a decade where they didn't do things by half's. And Club Tropicana is the perfect show to pay homage to all things that are loved from this era! We were invited to take a trip down memory lane and watch it at the Mayflower theatre in Southampton and boy were we in for a treat!

Set in a chaotic hotel in Spain, Club Tropicana follows two storylines woven together with comedy, cheese and infectious dancing. One being Garry (Joe McElderry) the holiday rep helping his hotel win the best hotel competition and the other following Lorraine (Karina Hind) who has jetted off to the resort whilst leaving partner Olly (Cellen Chugg Jones) stranded at the altar.  What ensues is a two hour show packed full of classic hits, slapstick comedy and a night that will leave anyone grinning from ear to ear.

After seeing Joe McElderry last on stage in Joseph, it was refreshing to see him in a comedic role that was full of fun and sass whilst still letting his fantastic voice shine through in classic hits such as Just Can't Get Enough and Making Your Mind Up. I also loved the way that this role seemed tailor made for him and really allowed Joe to show us his versatility as an actor and singer.

Whilst all the cast need to be commended for their high, addictive on stage energy, there is only one person that had the whole audience's attention. Kate Robbins took to the stage as the clumsy maid Consuela and soon won the hearts of everyone with her perfect comedic timing, constant costume changes and impressions of everyone from Margaret Thatcher to Cilla Black. She had everyone roaring with laughter and honestly stole the show!

With a fantastically upbeat soundtrack, the audience were singing around me and up on their feet every moment that was allowed to dance with those on stage. To say that there was some audience interaction was an understatement. It felt like we were on holiday with the cast themselves and ready to don our neon leg warmers and start browsing the cocktail menus. With the right amount of camp and comedy, it truly hit the spot for an 80's musical.

It's worth noting that the story might not be full of depth and also it's quite predictable in places, but you can't help but fall for the charm of this quirky musical. The show knows that it's not the best thing on stage at the moment, and even admits in the programme that they are not trying to win any prizes, just wanting to provide a good night out. And they really did. The show left everyone in the audience grinning from ear to ear and truly feeling like they had been transported into the past.

Club Tropicana was the show that I never knew I needed. It brought sunshine and laughter to my life and was the perfect blend of Carry On Films and Benidorm that I needed on a hot July evening. For those that want to escape the current woes of 2019 and relive a day gone by, I suggest you nip down to the Mayflower to catch this fun, summer show. I've been making my mind up and I loved it!

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