Dirty Dancing Tour Review - Bournemouth Pavilion

It's time to have the time of your life with this classic film turned into musical as it takes to the stage in Bournemouth on it's UK tour! Dirty Dancing is currently taking the UK by storm as it waltzes and cha-cha's across the country. I was lucky enough to be invited to the Bournemouth leg of its tour to see why nobody put's Baby in the corner. 

Based on the classic 80's film of the same name, Dirty Dancing follows the young and impressionable Baby as she is swooped off her feet by the bad boy dancer Johnny on her family vacation. What ensues is a whirlwind romance, a flurry of dance lessons and a summer that no one will ever forget.  Filled with the classic lines that most of us can recite from the film no matter how many of few times we have seen it and songs that make you feel like you are transported into the film, it's a show that is perfect for theatre veterans and people that just want a good night out.

 I'm going to be honest and say that it's not a theatrical masterpiece. But to be honest, I don't think as a show it wants to be one. What it is though is a fun filled night from start to finish. A show that will have you dancing in your seat, whispering those iconic lines and whooping when that lift happens. In essence, it embodies everything that the film does and delivers it in a two hour show that will leave you with a massive grin on your face as you leave the theatre.

The dancing is absolutely stunning, and I can honestly say that each and every performer put every ounce of energy and more into it. With bodies flying across the stage, it was a feast for the eyes as you watch them dance through the show. Kira Malou was absolutely brilliant as the vulnerable and innocent Baby, going from clumsily dancing at the start through to taking to the sky by the end of the night. Whilst Michael O'Reilly wowed the audience with his chiselled physique and impressive dancing. I did feel like there was a lack of chemistry between the two of them, and their interactions seemed a little bit clunky at times, but the dancing moments they shared definitely made up for that!

Though I have to say that the show stealers of the night were definitely Lizzie Ottley as Baby's sister Lisa, who put on an amazing rendition of the Hula song that left the whole audience in stitches of laughter and Simone Covele who played Penny. Simone had stage presence like no other and stunned me with her dancing that gave Strictly a run for it's money.

Overall, Dirty Dancing was a show that left you with that feel good feeling. It's a perfect show for those that want a night out to remember and want the opportunity to relive a classic film with some fantastic company. It's certainly a show that lets you have the time of your life.

Dirty Dancing is showing at the Bournemouth Pavilion until Saturday 13th July and tickets can be purchased at the Bournemouth Pavilion website.

*Note: I was gifted tickets for review purposes but all opinions are my own.

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