Brainiac Live! Garrick Theatre Review

Looking for explosive family fun this summer holiday? Then look no further than Brainiac Live at the Garrick Theatre for a jam packed show that is definitely a bang from start to finish. Based on the TV show of the same name, Brainiac Live has been touring the globe since 2008 and wowing audiences with their wacky experiments and crazy showmanship ever since. 

Max is the type of child that is fascinated by science. He loves seeing things explode, he loves watching experiments and frequently sits for ages watching things on Youtube and begging me to let him throw some Mentos into Diet Coke. So I knew from the offset that he would absolutely love this show. 

Set across the span of an hour, this show is jam packed and high energy from the first bang to the last. Hosted by Brainiac Ned (Andy Joyce) and his team of Brainiac experts, you are shown fantastically fun and electrifying experiments that have the audience laughing and shouting with glee. From spinning on an office chair with a fire extinguisher, to learning about electrical circuits, everyone from adults to children enjoyed every minute. 

One thing that stood out as pretty clever was how well they worked in the transitions between experiments. From misheard song lyrics, to tongue twisters and quizzes, the show had Max transfixed for the whole hour. He was on the edge of his seat, laughing and squealing with glee throughout the whole show.

It's worth noting that there are some seriously loud bangs in this show and isn't suitable for those with a nervous disposition. Whilst there are several notices to cover your ears, lots of people didn't and got a serious shock when the first bang came! And things only got louder with a microwave explosive ending! As long as you are prepared for the loud noises, you will have a whale of a time.

Brainiac Live was a show that was a big hit (or should I say big bang!) from start to finish and was perfect fun for the summer holidays for both kids big and small. It was everything that you would want in a science show and left Max begging to allow us to let him experiment at home (not happening!). The perfect hour to excite with eclectic experiments!

Brainiac Live is on at the Garrick Theatre in London until 1/9/2019 and tickets can be purchased from the Brainiac Website.

*Note: tickets were gifted. All thoughts were our own. 

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