2019 in Review

I think that everyone can agree on one thing. 2019 was a year. It was a year of even bigger changes for our family, but in all the good ways that have enabled us to move forward and fully embrace life with open arms. 

2019 definitely brought its challenges. With the two of us juggling full time jobs, I can definitely say I had moments where I sat there questioning my own sanity. But here we are, a few days until the start of a new decade and into my 10th year of blogging. And my goodness it's been one hell of a ride. 

I always knew that 2019 would be tough. I was going from working freelance at home, to working a full time job in a school. In the past year I have started a job that I never expected I would love. I then went and almost lost my job due to a restructure, but got rescued by another team at the school. In the process I have fallen into a job that I love even more than the one I started, made amazing friends in a super supportive team, learnt all about the wonders of the sector I'm working in and even gained a cheeky promotion. 

To say my work life has been a bit of a whirlwind is an understatement. I've had moments where I've been so overwhelmed with the highs and lows of my roles that I've got a tad emotional as I really feel like I've found the place where I belong career wise. If you had told me that I would be doing what I do now a year ago I wouldn't have believed you. For one, I never realised my transferrable skills and for another, I never realised I would find *that job*. You know, that job that you come home from and sit down realising that you've done good today.

Me and Scott have travelled more than we would have thought. With everything from a break to Madrid, to a weekend away in Somerset. Max even popped over to Bulgaria to do some skiing. With the state of the UK this upcoming year, we're going to stick to a UK break in 2020, but we are banking on going to Florida or New York (hello Broadway!) in 2021 if we can save up enough. 

We are both on the saving warpath though, we have slowly started to outgrow this flat that we love and whilst we know that we need to do a Marie Kondo on this pad the help to buy ISA's have been opened and we are browsing RightMove like it's the tv guide. We have an aim to buy in the new 3 years, so fingers crossed we find the perfect place. 

I have to admit that working full time has sent the blog into a bit of a downwards spiral when it comes to personal posts. But in all honesty, I love the way that our blog is going. The arts and theatre has always been a huge passion of mine since I was little. I once dreamed of being on stage and whilst that never came to fruition as an adult, Being involved in this sector is something that I am proud to do and I work really hard on. I've done a fab job (I think) to produce great reviews, work with brilliant teams (looking at you Mayflower, Corner Shop and Carousel) to give this blog the niche that it should have always been.

That's not to say that the personal touches won't come creeping back in now and again, but I almost think a blog rename and rebrand might be on the cards for 2020. I mean it has been a decade of this corner of the world nearly!

Max and Mummy has been my corner of the world. It's allowed me so many opportunities to work with brands I love, experience new things and even gain jobs I would have never expected. I've met some wonderful people that I hold dear to my heart and learnt to refine my craft when it comes to writing. The novel might still be unwritten on my desktop, but I've got a lifetime of memories on these pages to read and reflect on.

I can honestly say that I don't know what 2020 will bring. I was sure that 2019 would have brought stability, but we all know that it didn't really turn out like that. I just know that whatever happens, it will be one hell of a ride that I can't wait to enjoy!

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