Acosta Danza - Evolution Review - Mayflower Southampton

There's something magical and captivating about watching the ballet. Seeing the dancers flow and float across the stage in such fluid movements is awe inspiring and honestly leaves me wide eyed in amazement. The sheer talent that graces a stage during a show is staggering and I will never not admire each and every dancer that goes on stage night after night.

I was invited to watch the brilliant Acosta Danza ballet company at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton and was beyond excited to watch and immerse myself in a show like no other. The Mayflower Theatre in Southampton have such an eclectic mix of dance shows on and you never know what you are going to expect. One thing you can count on though is a show to remember.

For those that don't know, Acosta Danza are a critically acclaimed Cuban ballet company that infuse the contemporary with the classic to create an exhilarating show. Founded by international ballet legend Carlos Acosta, his dance troupe are made up solely of dancers of Cuban heritage to showcase the best that the country has to offer. And let me tell you, you will not be disappointed. 

Acosta Danza are currently performing Evolution; a showcase of four very different dances that tell four very different stories. The opening dance 'Paysage, Soudain, La Nuit' showcased a modern interpretation of ballet, with the feel of the dancers gathering at a late night party and vying for each others attention. I must say that I honestly couldn't keep my eyes off the synchronicity of the dancers on stage. A stunning piece that just oozed with passion and late night antics. 

The second piece was probably my favourite. Called 'Impronta', it opened with the dancer Zeleidy Crespo stood contorted on stage in a spotlight. Across the six minutes of this piece you saw her move with urgency and fluidity in a way that made her feel small, but also fill up the stage at the same time. I can honestly say I was left jaw on the floor with how stunning this piece was. If you are looking to see something that is magical and visually awe inspiring, then this piece is worth the price of the ticket alone. 

Next up was 'Faun' a short piece performed by a male and female dancer. The way they moved across the stage and trusted each other with their balancing, weight and moves was just fantastic and inspiring. Watching this piece you felt at one with nature, and with the music of Debussy to accompany, it was visually stunning.

Finally, the last piece took a contemporary turn. Using the music by the Rolling Stones and featuring Acosta himself, you were sent on a whirlwind show that was upbeat and toe tapping. With songs and scenes constantly changing, and the dancers jiving and strutting across the stage, it truly showcased the diversity of the talent on stage. How each piece felt like a different part of Cuba that was on show for the audience to see. It was truly captivating and entertaining at the same time.

I've mentioned before that my grandma was once a dance teacher, with her own school where she taught young children ballet. It's a dance that I've always appreciated seeing on stage and always reminds me of my grandma. Watching this show, I know that she would be beyond impressed and would have been the first up to give a standing ovation. 

Evolution is a show like no other. It's one that is constantly evolving and changing on the stage as you watch it. It flows and ebbs to send you on a whirlwind of emotions and leave you stunned with what you have just seen. A truly magnificent show full of Cuban dancers that will take the world by storm. 

Acosta Danza - Evolution is on at the Mayflower in Southampton between 3/3/2020-4/3/2020 before going on a tour of the UK. For more information please visit the Mayflower website or the Acosta Danza site.

Please note: Tickets were gifted, but all opinions are my own. 

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