When drama lessons head on zoom

Whilst nothing beats heading to the studio and singing and dancing with your friends for a few hours each week, drama lessons on Zoom were the unknown that we would have to face in order to keep youth theatre alive. And face it we did. And to be honest, whilst unconventional, we absolutely love them. It's the perfect way to keep in touch, keep practicing skills and experience some exciting things that we might not get to experience in a normal studio setting. 

Max's theatre group Stagewise have dome some brilliant masterclasses on Zoom for these past months. From Hamilton masterclasses with west end stars, to a summer school that was jam packed with star studded online workshops. He's even started acting lessons in the evenings in order to do LAMDA exams. 

Whilst online learning hasn't been the best when it comes to lessons and school time, these drama lessons have been nothing short of magical for a few hours each weekend. I have to be honest, our neighbours are probably fed up of the jumping and dancing for two hours each Saturday morning, but it's so worth it. 

Whilst Max can't wait to head back to the studio soon, I have to say I can't fault the way that theatre has adapted online. From shows to lessons, the industry has done a brilliant job in finding a way to work, despite little support from the government in doing so. I am fully convinced that if we were to ever have a lockdown again, Max's drama group would be able to switch online with ease and continue to have as much fun as if there were in a studio. 


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