Mischief Movie Night - Online Theatre Review

 Whilst theatre is still unable to take it's normal form in the theatre's we know and love, there are some brilliant shows that have adapted online. Mischief Theatre are one of those brilliant theatre companies that seem to find the bright side in everything and seem to be able to put a smile on every audience members faces. 

Whilst Mischief couldn't bring people to them, they have brought the theatre to people's living rooms. Mischief Movie Night is an improv night like no other. It allows the audience to use social media to dictate everything from the genre, to character names and show stopping awards. As a family, we decided to book a movie night. Having tickets for The Play That Goes Wrong cancelled, it felt like the perfect thing to do to cheer us up. 

Whilst I can only comment on our movie night, it's safe to say that it was one of the best nights we have had during the pandemic. Each and every night is a different story, and it's brilliant to see the actors adapting and improvising with each and every show that they put on. We had moments where we were crying with laughter and at one point we laughed so much we couldn't breathe. Whilst that might sound dramatic, for an improv night that was totally online, it was something that was totally refreshing and brilliant. 

We loved the excitement of being able to interact with the other audience members and submit our ideas via social media. To see the show take shape from the audience suggestions was awesome. Our show turned into an 80's musical called "Careless Whisper" that was set in a New York bookshop. With cheesy songs, and an even cheesier storyline that involved hat flipping, a baby bulldozer and a questionable mayor, there was everything and more in the show. Everything was family friendly and the laughs were loud from all of us.

The Mischief Movie Night was the perfect evening for the whole family. It allowed us to switch off and forget for a moment about the pandemic, lockdown and the rubbish year that everyone is experiencing. Whilst there is only a short run left of the movie night, Mischief Theatre have some amazing plays to watch when theatres are back open, and a hilarious BBC TV series for when you just need some silly to bring a smile to your day. 

Thank you Mischief Theatre for giving us a night to remember. We already want to book another one!

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