Top Family Shows to watch at MAST Mayflower in 2021

 In times like these, it's brilliant to share fantastic theatre news. And the fact that the utterly brilliant Mayflower Theatre have now opened a secondary theatre called MAST Mayflower is just the icing on the cake. Based at the old Nuffield City site in Southampton town centre, this theatre will focus on smaller shows and productions and provide a more intimate approach to theatre. Having been to the theatre many times before, I can attest to the fact that it's a brilliant setting for the whole family to head to enjoy some shows. 

And in their opening year they have a brilliant selection of family shows for little and old to love and enjoy. Here are some notable ones that I think you should book!

The Snail and the Whale - 21st-22nd June 2021 - Based on the ever familiar tale by Julia Donaldson, this short play follows a young girl and her seafaring father as they reimagine the story of how a snail sailed around the world. With stunning music and a visual feat for the eyes, this show will captivate the young and old. Created by the Olivier Award nominated Tall Stories company, you know you are in good hands. They've already put on productions of The Gruffalo and Room On The Broom (which we have seen and adored!). 

Brainiac Live - 1st-2nd September 2021 - A show that will literally blow you away (trust me!), Brainiac Live is one of those shows that does not stop for a moment to breath. Based on the brilliant TV show of the same name, this show takes you on a whirlwind journey of mad science and ultra cool facts that will blow your minds away. It's full of explosions, dizzying dares and moments that will make you jump out of your seat, so this is not a show for little ones. But is perfect for those tweens and teens before they return to school in summer!

Zog - 3rd-4th September 2021 - Another Julia Donaldson show (honestly who doesn't love these books!), Zog is all about the loveable dragon who tries so hard at school to fit in and pass his lessons that he feels all alone and stuck. That is until he meets the wonderful princess who helps him on his journey. It's a wonderful show thats full of bright colours and catchy songs that it's a perfect first theatre trip for any little thespian. 

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World - 6th-20th November 2021 - Another show based on a book, but this one is made to educate and inspire those little people in your life. This is a brand new production that is premiering at MAST and will be a kick ass pop inspired musical that follows an inquisitive little girl who meets some fantastically great women in a museum and learns their stories. An empowering new show that I am 10000% buying tickets for. Feminism, education and musical numbers, what more could you want in a show!

What The Ladybird Heard 2nd-4th December 2021 - The third and final of the Julia Donaldson shows (all the best things come in three's don't they!), What The Ladybird Heard is the tale of two crafty robbers, one inquisitive ladybird and a whole farmyard of fun and shenanigans. With a blend of live music, puppetry and audience participation, the whole family will be joining in on this fun show. 

Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain - 8th-11th December 2021 - Horrible Histories is one of those series that everyone young and old will know and love. Taking a comical yet educational look at different parts of history, this show will look at the history of Britain (with all the gory bits left in!) and allow you to meet some wild and wonderful icons from our past along the way. With a laugh a minute, this show will definitely tickle the funny bone of every audience member, whilst also teaching you something new at the same time. The perfect way to learn history eh!

With more shows to be announced and listings already rolling in for 2022, MAST Mayflower looks set to be one of the best venues on the South Coast for intimate shows and new musicals. I honestly can't wait to visit!

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