Show Must Go On - Live at the Palace Theatre Livestream Review

 Theatre is one sector that has really struggled throughout the pandemic. Whilst other parts of the industry have managed to thrive and flourish (looking at you Netflix!) theatre is something that has struggled and fought its way through this troublesome time. One way that they have managed is through some amazing online streams, workshops for new musicals and the brilliant The Show Must Go On scheme. 

To celebrate the brilliant acts and artists that collaborate from multiple shows, The Show Must Go On has taken to the Palace Theatre stage to put on a show like no other. Max and I couldn't wait to settle down on our sofa and watch the livestream of this brilliant stage show. 

Hosted by the enigmatic Bonnie Langford and the Trevor Dion Nicholas, these stars in their own right open the show with a comedy musical number like no other that had me crying with laughter and getting slightly emotional at the past 18 months we have all been through. These two were the perfect hosts to lead us through the whirlwind of musicals on this brilliant variety show. 

Stand out performances for me include Collette Guitart who performed Heart of Stone from Six. Six is one of my favourite musicals and this performance hit me in the heart and had me incredibly emotional! Of course we loved Trevor Dion Nicholas take on the formidable King George in Hamilton with his rendition of You'll Be Back that had me and Max singing our hearts out. 

The show highlighted loads of musicals that I am desperate to see and had me learning how brilliant some of the new ones that I had been quite sceptical about were (looking at you Back To The Future!). In fact, as Alice Fearn took to the stage to sing from Come From Away, I actually booked a sneaky solo trip to see it myself. Don't tell Max! Her performance definitely blew me away. 

I loved that this show didn't just embrace the big stars that take to some of these brilliant roles. Not only did they use some ace swings, understudies and covers to take to the stage, they also used the graduate choir of 2020 that never had the opportunity to share their final graduate performances with the world. These inspiring individuals showed us that through sheer perseverance during a time when their industry came to a standstill, they were still standing at the end of it. They truly showed the world that this is more than a passion, it's a profession. 

The Show Must Go On was a show that celebrated everything that is wonderful and magical about theatre and musicals. It showcased the brilliant performers, graduates, cast and crew that painstakingly work to create the shows that we all know and love. I can honestly say that it was a show that had be in tears, had me laughing and had me grinning from ear to ear. It's a show that I wished I could have seen in person, but thoroughly enjoyed in the comfort of my own home too. 

Streamed live on Youtube, and up for the following week, this show is one not to miss! I have popped the live stream recording below, and I do hope you get the opportunity to watch this before it expires! 

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