Festival Focus 2021: Camp Bestival

Festival: Camp Bestival

Date: 29/30/31 July 2021- 1st August 2021

Location: Lulworth Castle, Dorset.

Camping: There is plenty of general camping, that is all family friendly. Alongside this, there are specific area's for boutique, backstage and camper camping to fit the perfect festival holiday for everyone. There is a premium camping area, with allocated spaces for everyone, but the camping is all within walking distance of the arena. Be aware that there are some serious hills that can prove quite tricky in adverse weather! 

Top acts: A night of club nostalgia with Fatboy Slim, the 90's hype of the Vengaboys, and Friendly Fires bringing the guitars to the main stage. For kids, there is the hilarious Andy and the Odd Socks, Mr Tumble and Braniac Live. 

Perfect for families because: Camp Bestival is one of the most popular family festivals in the country. It's a top of the list and the perfect starter festival for those families unsure if festivals are really their thing. With a kids area that spans as big as the rest of the arena, it's full of wonders and fun at every corner. There is something for all ages and it truly does feel fully inclusive from babes in arms to teenagers.  

Top tips: If camping, make sure you are prepared for the hills and valleys. It's definitely a bit of a trek to get back to the campsite if you are camped right near the car park. There are plenty of opportunities to upgrade your camping experience and land yourself closer to the action, but these prices can run high at times. 

Secondly, there is plenty of free activities for kids to do, including abseiling, high ropes and whittling, but these get booked up really early. Be prepared to get to the booking point as soon as the arena opens in the morning to allow your little ones to get a spot to have some fun. 

Finally, bring a wagon/off road buggy etc. It will allow your little ones the time to rest, you will have plenty of storage so you don't have to go to the tent several times a day, and it will allow you the time to dance in the evenings whilst your little ones snooze.

Hidden gems: The Caravanserai is our favourite place to hang out for a few hours. Full of eclectic music, caravans for the kids to explore, and gorgeous cocktails, it's the little gem that packs a punch in the heart of the festival. 

There are many places for little ones to chill out and rest, with play parks and climbing area's for the whole family to just rest and take some time to regroup and plan the next part of their day. Don't be afraid to go down a winding path, hide behind the tree's and find your own part of the festival. 

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