Dragons and Mythical Beasts - A magical show for brave heroes!

Calling all daring explorers, heroes and heroines! You are needed to help uncover dark secrets and magical myths that surround some of the best known legends and mythical beasts tales have to offer! In a brand new interactive stage show titled Dragons and Mythical Beasts, young theatre-goers are granted the esteemed opportunity to experience brilliant creatures up close and personal on stage in an edge of your seat story that everyone will love.

I think that every child growing up has longed for the opportunity to come face to face with a dragon, unicorn or the tooth fairy? At least I know I did growing up! So the idea that these well known creatures are coming to life on stage is just a kids (both big and small's) dream come true. From the creators of Dinosaur World Live, this show is heading off on tour, before taking up a short London residency and then returning on tour. We are popping to the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton on 8th August 2021 to see this show and honestly we can't wait.

Dragons and Mythical Beasts is an interactive show with a blend of live actors and life size puppets, to enable these stories and legends to be told on stage. As you are introduced to creatures such as trolls, unicorns and griffins, you must remember to not wake the deadly dragon! What will happen if he wakes? Well you need to see the show to believe it!

Dragons and Mythical Beasts is a 55 minute show with no interval, so is perfect for kids age 3+ as this show will more than hold their attention. Younger children are also permitted to attend, but note that this show will contain smoke, haze, and sometimes slightly scary creatures live on stage! Keep in mind that this is an interactive show, so children are encouraged to participate in helping our hero on his journey. 

As part of our pre-show excitement, Max was tasked with creating his very own mythical creature. A task that he took so incredibly seriously that we even had an origin story to go along with it. Meet The Froggle, a larger than life frog that is friendly and helpful in the day, but in the dead of night is a creature that might frighten an unsuspecting person. Hailing from a swamp in the middle of the forest, the Froggle is fiercely protective of his land and treasures that he collects on his daily travels. Whilst he might he your friend at lunchtime, you don't want to pop over for a midnight snack!

Dragons and Mythical Beasts is at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton on the 8th August, showing two performances at 11:30am and 2:30pm before heading on a UK tour. Tickets start from £15.50 and can be purchased from the Mayflower Website. It's a show that we can't wait for and looks perfect for a family summer show!

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