McFly - Young Dumb Thrills Tour review - Bournemouth BIC


McFly are one of those bands that have been part of my life for as long as I can remember loving music. They have somehow been around for 18 years and that makes me feel so incredibly old that I can't actually believe it. 

I'm one of those parents that let's their child find their own musical interests, but definitely spent those formative years playing their own favourite songs and bands on loop to try and get some stuck in their head! Fortunately it worked a treat and Max shares most musical interests with me and Scott, whilst also finding new music and bands to interest us too!

Way back in 2019, McFly announced that they would be going on a tour and coming to the BIC in Bournemouth. Of course I had to have tickets. I have yet to miss a tour in those 18 years they have been around, and of course when the date was finally rescheduled for 2021 we decided to bring Max along for the ride. And boy was it a wild one!

Let me preface with being well aware that McFly can put on a good show. I've seen them take to the stage in the Royal Albert Hall, seen them in intimate venues playing straight albums and seen them on many a tour playing their hits. 

But this show hit differently. 

There was something about the production of this show that was out of this world. From their classic video intros, to a stage filled with speakers, cases and lights, to a HUGE pistola bear dancing around the stage, it felt like they put everything from the past 2 years of waiting into this show to make it one that fans would never forget. 

McFly are classic showmen. They constantly manage to put on a show that allow veteran fans to hear those songs they love, allow new fans to see how incredible they are on stage, and allow anyone else to tap those toes and have a great night. It's always so nice to see such a mix of fans in the audience, from mum's my age, to kid's Max's age and everyone in between- McFly are one of those universal bands that stand the test of time and are now venturing into the real of classic bands. 

Back to the show though. Full of energy and enthusiasm, it's clear to see that the band still love playing the hits that the fans know and love, with classics such as "Star Girl", "The Heart Never Lies" and "Obviously", filled with new songs from their new album. I'm going to put my hands up and say that I'm not the biggest fan of their new stuff, but Max was thrilled to hear "Growing Up", a song that is definitely inspired by the likes of Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy. I couldn't help but smile and sing along as I saw just how much Max was loving being there. 

Max is yet to experience a full blown McFly gig, having previously seen McBusted take the BIC stage. But I could tell that with each song that was played, he was loving every minute. A huge, huge, huge shout out must go to the wonderful rugby lads that put him on their shoulders at the end of the show. It allowed him to see the stage, understand the magic and fully fall in love with this band that has a huge place in my heart. 

Don't leave it too long McFly, we want you back again soon!

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