Yungblud - Life On Mars Tour Review - Bournemouth O2 Academy

Yungblud is an artist that I've admired since Max introduced him to me. He's an artist that Max has obsessed over to the point of dressing as him for Halloween and forcing us to listen to the same 5 songs on repeat. But he's an artist that is passionate and knows what he believes in and is unapologetic about his approach to voicing those beliefs. As a teacher that supports students with ADHD, it's so pleased to see that he talks about his diagnosis so frankly and honestly for an inspiration to those neuro-divergent fans.

When tickets for his show at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth were released I was poised, I was ready. What I wasn't expecting was to be one of the first 50 to have purchased tickets. Therefore allowing this 10 year old who idolises this artist to meet him. With the uncertainties of Covid-19, we were unsure of what would happen. But we counted down the months and the day finally happened. 

I think the photo tells you the whole story of how the meet and greet went. With a smile bigger than I have ever seen, Max was on cloud nine (and even shed some tears). From having the chance to chat and take selfies (socially distanced of course!) and even having the opportunity for Dom (Yungblud's real name) to take Max's phone and record a message, is something that he will never forget. To say he was the luckiest 10 year old in the room was an understatement. 

The show itself was loud, rowdy and non stop. With 3 costume changes and a Rocky Horror inspired intro, this show was a perfect introduction to what Yungblud is all about. I'm going to have to be honest and say that I knew about 6 songs from the setlist, but Max was absolutely thrilled with every song that was performed as he screamed along with every word. I have to say that my stand out songs were definitely "Weird!", "God Save Me But Don't Drown Me Out" and his cover of his collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly "I Think I'm Okay". Each song brought a new level of energy to the point that the audience felt like it was buzzing.

Yungblud is one of those musicians that has such a welcoming and honest outlook on life. His speech before "Love Song" allowed him to talk frankly about loving yourself and feeling like you are an important part of the world. His performance felt like an interaction between family and friends rather than artist to audience. The energy that radiated between him and those watching was just pure electricity and you could feel it no matter where you were stood in the audience. 

I can honestly say that I left the show full of admiration for Yungblud, but also feeling like we are watching an artist at the start of his journey to be something and someone huge. Someone that is willing to rock the boat, change the scene and make the world of rock music the most inclusive one ever. He's an artist that is going to move mountains for all the right reasons and I'm so pleased that we managed to see him so early into this journey. Long may it continue and we can't wait until next time!

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