Black Cherry Improv Night

 Max and I absolutely adore theatre that can make us laugh. If Max is barely able to breathe through laughing so much at the end because it's so funny, then it's a winner. Mischief theatre are normally our go-to for shows that make us laugh until our bellies hurt. But with the opening of a new venue in town, I think we might have found a worthy match!

Black Cherry are a Bournemouth based improv group that run regular nights of fun and hilarity. Having recently just opened their own cafe and performance space in Boscombe high street, they now have the ability to host regular improv nights, comedy nights and showcase local talent to their hearts content. All with a slice of scrummy pizza and a drink!

The one thing that I love most about improv is that nothing is ever the same twice. You can watch the same group perform on a weekly basis and never grow tired of the antics that ensue. It makes reviewing a show hard, but also means that there is nothing expected each time you walk into the venue. It also takes audience participation to the next level, so don't sit near the front (or the abyss at the back!) if you don't want to be called upon. By using the audience to gain ideas, inspiration or even lines for a play, the actors and the audience never know which way the show could go and one minute you could be performing a hilarious musical number, and the next crying about a tragic incident. Nothing is what you expect, nor what it seems.

The Black Cherry Improv shows are based around a series of short games and sketches that calls on audience participation to make them come to life. From the classic freeze frame game (where one actor assumes the positioning of the other, thus changing the whole story), to a sketch that must be told in multiple different genres, with multiple different emotions until it's just right, there is nothing but fun from the moment they step on stage until the last dance. No suggestion is too weird, and no story left untold. 

Black Cherry strive at making their shows family friendly (unless otherwise specified) and there were a handful of children in the audience, including Max. Max was over the moon to be selected to help throughout the show more times than we can even remember. It's a testament to the group to have a child begging to book more tickets the moment they leave the venue. 

I have to be honest and say it's hard to review how brilliant the show was for upcoming audience members, as the show you would go to will be nothing like the one I saw on stage. But to know that Bournemouth has such incredible local talent is just the best feeling ever. To know that there is a brilliant new space for young and upcoming talent is just amazing. And the Black Cherry Improv Show that we went to see was a show that Max has literally not stopped talking about one bit! 

Thank you Black Cherry for giving us a venue to enjoy and cherish as a community, thank you for putting on a show that has us crying with laughter and loving every moment, and for giving us a night to remember!

For shows and information, please check out the BLACK CHERRY website.

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