Magic Goes Wrong UK Tour Review - Mayflower Southampton

Mischief Theatre are a company that push comedic theatre to its limits. They are a company that blend reality and illusion and rip up the theatrical rule book to create shows that aren't quite what they seem, and don't always end how you expect them to (mostly with disastrous results!). We absolutely adore the company and watch their Goes Wrong Show on TV on repeat. We also tuned into a few of the Mischief Movie Night In's which were full of improv and hilarity from start to finish.

After teaming up with the magical legends that are Penn and Teller, Mischief Theatre have created a new show. A magic show no less, that is like no other. Where things can go right, go wrong and will leave you feeling amazed, astounded, and all together wondering if anything else could possibly happen on this magical night. 

Magic Goes Wrong is heading out on its first UK tour after taking the West End by storm, and it took to the Mayflower Theatre stage in Southampton for its first round of mishaps. We were fortunate to be invited along to see what could really go wrong?

As you are seated in the theatre you feel a hubbub of activity and excitement. It's worth noting that you should turn up early, don't arrive as the show is about to start, because really you have already missed part of it! In classic Mischief style, things are already going wrong before the show even has a chance to begin. With cast members trying to catch doves, rabbits and clean up the mess on stage, you are thrown right into the action. You might even be caught on camera for something that happens later in the show!

Set at a charity gala event for Disasters in Magic, you meet our hapless host Sophisticato, who has recently lost his magician father to a devastating magic related accident. He hopes to raise money to support others that have fallen victims to their own magical mishaps by putting on a show to celebrate some truly magnificent magic. But after only being able to find a few mediocre amateur magicians, the trouble starts immediately. 

Throughout the show you are introduced to magicians who's acts don't quite go to plan. From Blade, the daredevil stuntman who ends up missing a limb and causing more harm to himself than not, to the German duo Bear & Spitzmaus who can't seem to get things in sync at all, to the legendary Eugenia, the magicians assistant who meets a most unfortunate trick. It appears that whilst all these magicians have the best of intentions, their execution leaves a lot to be desired, and each act is filled with side splitting humour that had Max, myself and the rest of the audience in fits of laughter throughout. 

One of our family favourites was the Mind Mangler, the clairvoyant that struggled with remembering names, places and even following a teleprompter. His act had the whole audience in fits of laughter, bouncing improv with scripted, you struggled to see whether the audience participation was planned, or perfect timing lent itself to the script. Whilst most of the tricks tend to fail throughout the show (clue is in the title!), it's worth noting that the ones that do go right leave the audience amazed and in awe, not because it's actually succeeded, but because it's done with such finesse that you would struggle to believe these aren't about to crash and burn. 

I have to give credit to the whole cast, they blend the hilarity of classic Mischief theatre with the fun and games of an improvised magic show and left us audience members on our feet at the end. They treated you to an edge of your seat show, with some laugh out loud comedy throughout. It's a hard trick to pull off, but they pulled it off with perfect skill and brilliant presentation. 

Magic Goes Wrong is the perfect show for the whole family to enjoy. It's a celebration of mishaps and magic that the whole family will love. With an age suitability of 11+, I would say that you could probably bring that down a little (be prepared for some blood and gore, and a few choice swear words!) and Max thought it was one of the best shows he had seen on stage ever. I think we might have to make a return trip to see it again soon!

 Magic Goes Wrong is on at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton until 30/10/2021 and will then embark on a UK tour, whilst also continuing its West End run. 

*Note, tickets were gifted, but all opinions are my own. 

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