Everybody's Talking About Jamie Movie Review

 Everybody's Talking About Jamie is a show that has taken the world by storm. It's managed to appear in countries around the world and finally this tale of a Northern lad that wants to go to prom in a dress has hit the big screen. Well the small screen, but has been made into a movie either way!

Jamie was a casualty of Covid. A film that was destined to make its big screen debut, but due to to the pandemic was pushed back until it was agreed to be released on Amazon Prime. Whilst I'm sad it never had its box office opportunity, I'm glad it still made its way into the hearts of many. 

Everybody's Talking About Jamie tells the story of Jamie New. A sixteen year old boy who knows what he wants in life; to be a drag queen. But when you are only sixteen, there are hurdles to overcome including school, family, and acceptance in the world. When Jamie decides to go to prom in a dress, his wishes are thrown to the wolves and he is thrust out of the darkness and into the spotlight. 

Starring Max Harwood as Jamie, Sarah Lancashire as his mum Margaret, and Richard E Grant as Loco Chanel, you are taken on a whirlwind journey as Jamie becomes the fearless drag queen he always wishes to be and challenges those around him. Max plays a softer, more endearing Jamie than those that have previously taken to the role on stage, and this works well in the film, allowing him more opportunities to shine in the quiet scenes that don't feature on stage. Whilst Grant is sharper, seasoned, and takes to the role of Loco in a more direct way, with a new song that talks about the drag scene in the 80's and allows for reflection on what the world has been like over the years. 

I'm a huge fan of the musical and absolutely adored watching it so much that I have tickets to see it again, but the film hits completely differently. Whilst it has the songs that the fans know and love and you can see where some of the elements have moved across to the small screen, it still feels like a completely different show. But one that is brilliant in its own way. 

Where the two differ is generally down to the story. Whilst the stage version is song after song, and is limited by the set, the film allows the actors to take breaths, put more into the smaller scenes, and build more of a back story for the characters. With new songs, and some old favourites removed, it's easy to see how this film can build a whole new army of fans. 

Both myself and Max absolutely loved watching the film version of Everybody's Talking About Jamie, it was fun, had you dancing in your seat, and singing along. It made you laugh, cry and smile, and truly was a celebration of creativity and uniqueness. It leaves a message of standing up for who you are, self love, and self worth. A must watch for fans of musicals and British films, this one's a keeper. 

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