Book of Mormon UK Tour Review

The Book of Mormon is a musical that is not shy of being controversial. The show that is based on the Mormon religion is one that people may assume is derogatory and mocks one of the biggest religions in America, but in all honesty it's a show that is clever, entertaining and altogether a brilliant night out. 

The Book of Mormon is a show that I have already seen before. After being fortunate enough to see it during the first few months of its UK launch, it's been a long time coming to go and see it again. The Book of Mormon is now embarking on its own missionary around the UK, visiting venues around the country on a UK Tour. I was fortunate enough to be invited along to the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton to see if I believe.  

The Book of Mormon follows Elder Price (Robert Colvin) and Elder Cunningham (Conner Peirson) as they head off on their Mormon missionary to Uganda. Whilst Elder Price is determined to be the best missionary that the church has ever seen, Elder Cunningham is eager to be the best sidekick there is and make the most of his time with his new best friend. Upon landing in Uganda, the pair soon realise that their mission will be less than simple. Whilst the country is up against famine, poverty, and a warlord who is terrorising the community, the last thing they are interested in is learning about a new religion that will only give them a sense of false hope. Will they manage to convert the community, or will they return having failed their mission?

The cast in this show are nothing short of phenomenal. Colvin embodies the preppy, slightly narcissistic Elder Price with such ease and wows the audience with his vocal range. I adored his rendition of I Believe in the second act and couldn't stop laughing. Whilst Peirson is truly Elder Cunningham, the nerdy sidekick that unexpectedly becomes a bit of a hero. His comedic timing was nothing short of brilliant and something that must be seen! Aviva Tulley took to the role of Nabulungi, the young Ugandan who wants to move to paradise. Her vocals were truly magnificent and she gave the perfect balance to a fairly male dominated cast. Each member of the cast, from the leads to the ensemble were wonderful. From smiling faces, to jazz hands and tap dances, this show ticks all the boxes.

The one thing I love about this show is that nothing is what you expect it to be. The show is written by the creators of South Park, and brings the cynical observational comedy that you are grown to expect from their writing. The music that leaves you dancing in your seat and singing along long after the show is finished is created by Robert Lopez, the writer of both Avenue Q and Frozen. Whilst the show does touch on sensitive subjects such as race, sexuality, and religion, it does it with the right level of humour that it leaves you laughing out loud whilst also understanding the moral they are trying to tell. That whilst belief in religions can be outlandish, it can also hold a beacon of hope for others. 

It's a show that divides opinions and audiences. One that pushes the boundaries with what is and isn't acceptable in a world that is constantly redefining cancel culture. But it's also a show that will leave audience members with smiles on their faces. With songs that will stick with you and a cast that is nothing short of spectacular, it's a show not to miss. You simply won't believe how much this show will change your life!

The Book Of Mormon is on at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton until 05/03/2022 before continuing on its UK tour around the country. Don't miss it, I promise you that you will love it!

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