School of Rock UK Tour - Mayflower

School Of Rock is one of my family's favourite films. It might be because we adore rock music, or because we love comedy, or we just love the idea of kids learning the history of rock and roll. Whatever our reasons for loving this film, nothing can prepare us for the marvel that is School Of Rock the Musical. The perfect blend of everything we love and now on stage in Southampton at the Mayflower this week only!

The musical follows true to the much loved film and has music written by Andrew Lloyd Webber (an unlikely source for rock music if there ever was one!). The show has a bunch of all singing, all playing kids that are ready to kick some ass on stage and stick it to the man! Whilst we have seen the show before, it's been over 5 years since we were last in the audience and Max couldn't wait to rock out in his seat to arguably his favourite musical of all time; and neither could I!

School Of Rock follows our unlikely hero Dewey Finn in his quest for musical greatness. Whilst living in his best friend Ned Schneebly's spare room, he is forced to face up to  his future and secure a job in order to pay the rent. But when a call from the prestigious Horace Green school comes for Ned, Dewey takes matters into his own hands and attends under the guise of his best friend. He soon learns that his new students are musical prodigies and turns his unconventional teaching methods towards winning the local battle of the bands contest. Because what could honestly go wrong when you are committing fraud, amending the school curriculum, and lying about your identity to the world?

School Of Rock is filled with high energy music that will have you tapping your toes and dreaming of being at a rock concert. Songs such as Stick It To The Man and School of Rock (Teacher's Pet) are ones that linger in your head for days and have every audience member rocking out and playing air guitar, whilst If Only You Would Listen and Where Did The Rock Go give the balance that is truly needed in a show as enthusiastic as this one. 

Each and every performer that graces the stage with an instrument is actually playing for the audience. There is no acting when it comes to rock and roll, and that includes the child actors. Each child cast member is the definition of a quadruple threat, with singing, dancing, acting and playing an instrument in their arsenal to blow away each and every audience member. Each of the children were brilliant and commanded the stage each time they stepped in front of the audience. It's an honour to see such talent on stage at such a young age and I can't wait to see their career's progress, they all have a brilliant future ahead of them. 

Jake Sharp took to the stage as Dewey Finn and truly embodied him better than Jack Black could have done if he was on stage, his energy, humour and performance was second to none and I'm amazed that he can keep up the stamina needed for this show day in, day out with such ease. Matthew Rowland gave us a hilarious Ned Schneebly, the perfect blend of under the thumb geek mixed with with nervous energy, giving this a brilliant character performance. Rebecca Lock blew me away as Rosalie Mullins, the uptight Horace Green headteacher who's standards are like no other, yet has a secret wish to let her hair down. Her vocal range was like no other, and I honestly can't get over it, even a day later!

School Of Rock is a show that is infectiously brilliant. It's a show that will have you letting your hair down for a few hours and going on a whirlwind journey of music, comedy, and entertainment. With a heartfelt storyline at its core, you can't help but find each character endearing and oozing in talent. It's time to crank it to 11, stick it to the man, and join the School oO Rock. The perfect show for the whole family, don't miss out whilst it's still rocking on stages across the country, because this show is ready to kick some ass. 

School Of Rock is on at the Mayflower, Southampton until 23/7/22 before continuing on it's UK tour. For more information: School Of Rock

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