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 Alice in Wonderland is a classic tale of whimsical mayhem and adventure. It allows the audience to transport themselves into a world like no other. And that's exactly what Alice: A Musical Adventure in Wonderland allowed us to do at MAST Mayflower Studios this festive season. 

I am a huge advocate of youth theatre. I spent most of my childhood performing and am now a parent to a young performer so knowing that this show was cast entirely by young performers from the local area was something to be truly excited about. And this production of Alice is no small feat, and showcases some of the best up and coming talent set against a backdrop that would rival any big show production. 

The show follows the story we know and love with a slight twist. For Alice enters a dreamland during a party rather than falling down a rabbit hole. In the normal world she feels cast out and unsure of who she is, but in Wonderland she will learn to love her uniqueness. In Wonderland she meets all the classic characters such as the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Caterpillar, and Cheshire Cat before coming face to face with the Queen of Hearts for a game of croquet and a near deathly trial of the Knave of Hearts. 

Filled with songs that young and old know, you can't help but tap your feet, dance in your seat and clap along throughout the show. From the classic Dancing on the Ceiling, to the Wonderland lyric twisted Best Song Ever, each song is perfectly performed by this young cast and adapted to fit the narrative of the show. The harmonies and vocal range of these performers was absolutely brilliant and you could tell that they have worked incredibly hard to put on this show.

The set design and costuming is wild and wonderful. With decks of cards, obscure doors, giant keyholes and hats a-plenty, you can see that this set has been created with Wonderland in mind. The costumes are bright, fun, and fit with the whimsical theme of wonderland perfectly. I particularly loved some of the smaller touches, such as the small, medium and tall Alice's all wearing the same costume at differing lengths (think short sleeves, long leg warmers etc!) and I also loved the way that both the Caterpillar and Cheshire Cat were presented on the stage. I wouldn't want to give too much away, but with clever costuming, casting, and props, it was a fantastic way to show these larger than life characters. 

As previously mentioned, the entire cast is comprised of young performers and the calibre of acting is incredible. Each performer acts with professionalism and puts their all into it that you often forget that you aren't watching seasoned pro's on the stage. I honestly see such a bright future on the stage for most of these performers. 

Eleanor Walker, Ellie-Mae Dymott and Jessica Fudge seamlessly worked together as smallest, medium and tallest Alice. Each one emulating the title character perfectly and with nearly the whole time spent on stage, showing us just how brilliant they were. I adored Oliver Nicolin and Scarlett Rixon as the Mad Hatter and March Hare, they truly brought the weird and whimsical to the stage and were never too far away from some form of madness on stage.Amelia Ockwell was both the Queen of Hearts and Caterpillar at the performance we watched, showing versatility and talent as she danced and sung her way across the stage in both roles. I also thought Elizabeth Bullivant-Holt's performance as the Dormouse was just adorable. And her song at the end of the show was a definite show stopper!

Alice: A Musical Adventure in Wonderland was a perfect family treat that left us smiling like the Cheshire Cat as we left the theatre. It had us dancing in our seats and marvelling at the talent on the stage. A brilliant show for young and old alike, and one that definitely left us in the mood for some festive fun. A huge well done to all involved, each performer shone like a star and should be incredibly proud of the production that they have created. 

Alice: A Musical Adventure in Wonderland is being performed at MAST Mayflower Studios until 31st December 2022. Tickets are available at the following link: Alice: A Musical Adventure in Wonderland Tickets

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