Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Mayflower Southampton Panto

Roll up, roll up! For this Christmas at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, you are invited to attend the greatest panto on Earth! The hilariously brilliant Goldilocks and the Three Bears has made its way to Southampton and they are ready to put on a show like no other for ever audience member young and old. 

With a star studded cast, this pantomime has gone all out with its singing, dancing, circus tricks, and sparkling lights to wow audiences and spread a bit of magical festive cheer this Christmas season. 

The story is not the Goldilocks and the Three Bears you know and love. In fact, Goldilocks works for Betty Barnum's Circus that is full of joy and wonder. But at risk of losing everything, they need a new star performer, which is where the bears come in as Baby Bear has a performing trick up her sleeve that will impress everyone sat in the audience. But with Count Ramsay of Erinsborough on the prowl for new acts for his Circus of Horrors, the bears must watch out!

The show is full of sights and sounds that will please everyone, no matter their age or interests. From dare devil circus stunts, to magic tricks, and traditional pantomime tropes, it ticks every box. Each time you thought it couldn't get bigger and brighter, it did. With screams of joy from audience members, and shouts of "Oh no it isn't" coming thick and fast, it was a night of pure joy and escapism in the best way possible. 

Jason Donovan took to the stage as Count Ramsay, with Neighbours and Joseph jokes aplenty, he entertained audiences whilst giving us his best villainous performance. Faye Brookes was the adorable Goldilocks and her performance was every bit as sweet and wonderful as you would want it to be. Adam Strong took to the stage in his first attempt as a pantomime dame, and boy was he incredible! He brought the perfect balance of hilarity and silliness to the show and I loved it! Richard Cadell was the perfect sidekick as Joey, and with Sooty by his side, there was always chaos around each corner. It feels like he is a staple at the Mayflower panto and I'm 100% behind that. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a panto like no other. It will leave audience members grinning from ear to ear and have sparkles that will rival the nightlights of Vegas. In fact, if Las Vegas put on a pantomime, I think this would be perfect! With the perfect blend of fun and mayhem, it's a perfect night out and a panto not to be missed. With a brilliant mix of adult humour, kids silliness, and staging that could rival the west end, you're in for a treat. This panto is just right. 

On until 31st December, you can find more information by following this link: Goldilocks and the Three Bears Tickets

*Please note, tickets were gifted but all opinions are my own. Photos by Stuart Martin. 

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