The Mousetrap UK Tour - Review

There’s always suspicion in the auditorium when you’re watching a murder mystery show. In this case, The Mousetrap was the perfect show to capture the hearts of audiences at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton. It gives an opportunity for almost all ages to take part in such a twisted storyline as you become armchair detectives.

With the show being adapted 70 years ago from the book by legendary mystery writer Agatha Christie, the secret of the play has still been kept by over 10 million audience members throughout its tenure on stage. Despite the age of the story, it makes every audience member think every scene ‘who could they be?’ Every minute and after every assumption you second guess yourself as the characters interrogate each other and feel self doubt with their own input and contributions to the crime. 

Whilst not a lot can be told about the story, due to the nature of the show, it’s set in the great hall of Monkswell Manor. A guest house that is housing some rather peculiar individuals. As the story unravels, the fingers start pointing, and the tension on stage increases until the secret is revealed. What starts as a slow burner turns into something completely different by the end as you sit there trying to piece things together in your brain. 

The staging of the show makes it feel like the case is re-enacted before your eyes, making you feel like an A* armchair detective solving a confidential and highly classified case. Each actor presents themselves as both an odd and ordinary person in various ways. The actors in this show all show passion and dedication to their roles, with each character’s own cliché and history building suspense to the finale.Our personal commendations must go to Elliot Clay and Kieran Brown who played Christopher Wren and Mr Paravicini. Both throwing themselves headfirst into roles that balanced the suspense, humour, and mystery perfectly. 

This show is great for young and old, and makes any amateur detectives feel like they are the ones piecing together the clues in this massive case. I took Max to see this show and he was sat on the edge of his seat the whole way through, constantly guessing and wishing he could be the one up on stage interrogating everyone. The fact that the secret of the story still being kept after 70 years is incredible and proves that the legacy of Agatha Christie and her tales still to this day live on as the secret is kept and the audience are amazed. It’s a show that will live on through each and every performance and will leave you questioning everything from who did it, to when can I see something like this again. It’s a masterpiece in murder mystery storytelling and a joy to watch. 

The Mousetrap is currently running at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton before continuing on a UK Tour throughout 2023 and 2024. For more info on the tour: The Mousetrap UK Tour

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