The Ocean At The End Of The Lane UK Tour Review

 Neil Gaiman is a master in storytelling. His words transport readers to another life, another time, or another world and take you on an adventure that sticks with you for a lifetime. He weaves mystery, horror, thriller and fantasy into a story that is like no other that you have read. To say I’m a fan is an understatement, but the success of his stories have spanned across decades and evolved into adaptions that bring these magical worlds to life. 

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane is a tale of the mystery and mundane that has been adapted by the wonders at the National Theatre to create a staggeringly powerful play. After a successful run in London (that had me completely gutted I missed!) I was so pleased to see it was heading on tour. 

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane follows the story of Boy. An unassuming 12 year old that enjoys immersing himself in a book. One evening after witnessing his families lodger die, he meets Lettie, the young girl who lives on a nearby farm and is anything but ordinary. As Lettie introduces him to her world, Boy inadvertently unleashes Ursula, a flea/monster that can create worm holes and ruin lives. In his venture to rid his world of Ursula, Boy must truly understand himself and find out his place in the world around him amongst the waves of grief and sorrow that is found in real life. 

Boy was brought to life by Keir Ogilvy. His expressions and stage presence transported you into his world and mind whilst Millie Hikasa played Lettie, the headstrong young girl who could whip up a spell and stand her ground. But the star was definitely Charlie Brooks as Ursula. She was captivating and commanded the stage in a way that you would expect an other worldly creature to do. Her energy to bounce around stage, fly in the air and go from manic to serene was a masterpiece in acting. 

I adored the way that the supporting cast seemed to always be on stage. From moving props, to lifting the lead cast, to being that ominous creature just lingering nearby. They created monsters, moving parts, and puppets that were borderline terrifying. The staging and puppetry truly brought the show to life and injected it with a boost that places it head and shoulders above other plays. From magic touches to staggering monsters made out of the whole cast, each magical and terrifying element of this show has been worked on meticulously to create a play that is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen. The staging envelopes the characters and the striking lighting and subtle soundtrack allows the audience to feel transported into the world on stage. 

 The Ocean At The End Of The Lane takes you on a story like no other. It allows you to escape into childhood, grieve for those you have lost, and accept those that might be different to us. It’s a show that I would see tomorrow if I had the opportunity to and a show that needs to remain the world for everyone to see. 

On at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton before continuing on a UK Tour, you can find out more information and buy tickets at the following links:

Mayflower Tickets

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane UK Tour

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