Greatest Days - The Official Take That Musical UK Tour

 Today this could be, the greatest show of your life. The music of Take That has taken over the boards of the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton as Greatest Days the official Take That musical has come to town. 

Following the success of the original musical “The Band”, Greatest Days has reinvented and reworked the story into a show that will win the hearts of fans and newbies alike. Filled with songs that fans will love, and a story that weaves everything together, it’s a heartwarming tale that entertains the masses. 

Greatest Days tells the story of 5 young girls (Rachel, Debbie, Heather, Zoe, and Claire) as they finally sneak off to see the band that they love and idolise as teenagers on stage. When things don’t end up the way they planned, friendships are broken and what once brought these bright eyed 16 year olds together, now tears them apart. Finally, after 25 years, is Rachel able to relight the fire that the friends one had, or is the pull of the bands reunion not even something that can bring them back for good. 

Whilst the story touched on some wonderful points such as we never end up where we thought we would when we are 16, and friendships can be rocky, but some stand the test of time, I truly feel that the soundtrack is what made this show. With a multitude of hits, you are spoilt for choice and it’s easy to see how a Take That song is perfect for a stage show. Each song brought back memories of my mum playing the CD’s on repeat when I was younger. And you could see from the audience that she wasn’t alone as the audience clapped and cheered throughout and were up on their feet as soon as the curtain dropped. 

There were definite moments throughout where you could easily forget that you were watching a musical rather than a concert, and despite the constant reminders, the line did feel blurred throughout. But theatre etiquette was brilliant, and the audience were truly just wanting to take in the whole show. 

Jennifer Ellison was brilliant as the older Rachel. She had the sincerity and innocence that the younger Rachel (played by Olivia Hallett) had. And that can be said for the entire adult and younger cast. With all of them pairing up so brilliantly to showcase that as people grow, change, and start their adult lives, their innocence and reminiscent nature will always be there. A huge mention to Jamie-Rose Monk and Kitty Harris who I loved as Claire and young Heather. Both embodied their characters and their characters journeys brilliantly and they both won my heart. I also loved Alan Stocks who played Every Dave in the show, and was so versatile and adaptable that he had me in stitches.  

As someone that recently watched their own childhood band (Busted, in case you wanted to know!) reunite at a show, it’s clear to see that the show highlights the true power of music and how it brings people together and allows memories, both happy and sad to be created. It allows the audience to never forget that music is the key to memories, and it only takes a minute for your life to change and the course you thought you were on is completely different. 

Whilst Greatest Day is a jukebox musical and celebrates the work of Take That, it does it in a way that the story is just as much a part of the show as the songs. By removing the Take That name from the show’s script it allows the audience to imagine it’s the boyband that helped shape their lives, whether it’s One Direction, Take That, or Busted. It allows fans of musical groups to celebrate and help remind them that they are able to shine. 

Greatest Days runs at the Mayflower Southampton until 30/9/23 before continuing on a UK tour. 

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