2:22 A Ghost Story UK Tour Review

2:22 is a show that has swept almost every west end theatre by storm. With a revolving cast of celebrity names, and a secret so big that fans keep coming back for more, it's easy to see why there is such a hype about this supernatural show. It's currently on tour around the UK with another set of household names, and I was invited to see whether this stunt casted show really lived up to the hype I had heard so much about. 

From the brain of Danny Robins, the hit writer behind the paranormal podcast The Battersea Poltergeist, 2:22 A Ghost Story is his first foray at west end theatre. And with nominations and award wins a-plenty, it's easy to see how the buzz around this show has developed and generated. And to be perfectly honest, who doesn't love a ghost story?


The stage is set from the moment you walk in. An everyday house with a new kitchen, mountains of renovations half done, and a ticking clock in the top corner that keeps frantically changing the time. I loved the trick perception of the stage and how we felt that we were transported, even though we were only in one room. All this to lighting so dramatic that it made the audience jump with just a flick of the switch, and you're set for a memorable ghost tale that you won't be forgetting in a hurry.

The show tells the tale of the mundane meets supernatural. You are introduced to two couples, Jenny and Sam, two new parents who are exhausted as they tackle a new home renovation; and Lauren and Ben, the old friend and new flame who have come over for dinner. When Jenny reveals that she has been experiencing unexpected goings on in the house, she encourages the rest of them to discover what the importance is around 2:22. But as with every ghost story, not all is as it seems as strange happenings start going on. I have to say off the bat that I'm not going to divulge the story of the play. If you would like the ending ruined then Wikipedia has a great spoiler. However, I will say that the ending was not at all what I was expecting it to be in my head. In fact, it couldn't be much further from what I thought which is a test of a good mystery story. 

I also have to be honest in my reviews and say that whilst I loved the ending of this show, I did feel that some parts were harder to understand and get hooked by. The mix of one tone shouting on the stage meant that I missed parts of the dialogue, and struggled to feel compassion towards those on stage. Despite this, I feel that the cleverly written ending has left me wanting to return as I spent the whole car journey home picking at the story to find where the clues were woven throughout and the further through the journey I was the more clear it was that the ending was the ending. 

I absolutely adored Louisa Lytton as Jenny. Her performance as the frazzled new mum who was left questioning her own delusions was spot on and I could really recognise the struggles I had as a young mum in her journey on stage. I also loved Nathaniel Curtis, who's manic science brain pushed for everyone to see the most probable logic that was happening around them. Their dynamic on stage seemed to work really well and alongside Charlene Boyd and Joe Absolom as Lauren and Ben, you watched time fly as you were hooked throughout the whole play. 

2:22 A Ghost Story is a tale that indulges the love of supernatural, explores the psychology behind believing in ghosts, and allows you 2 hours of complete escapism as you dive into the world on stage. I love that what seems to be a mundane and normal home is the setting for something so weird and wild as it reminds you that scary doesn't have to be obvious jump scares and blood and gore. In fact, the more subtle sides of the story are often the ones that leave us sleeping with the light on. 

2:22 A Ghost Story is on at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton until 21/10/23 before continuing on a UK Tour around the country. 

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