Peter Pan Goes Wrong UK Tour Review

 The geniuses behind the hilarious “Grown Ups”, “The Play That Goes Wrong”, and “Magic Goes Wrong” are back! With their combination of physical theatre and utter chaos, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is yet another Mischief Theatre take on a show for the whole family to love and enjoy. From the brains of Henry Shields, Jonathan Sayers, and Henry Lewis, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is a show that will have laughing until you cry, and loving every moment of the show. 

From the moment you enter the theatre, the show is abuzz. With characters prepping the stage, sourcing materials, and interacting with the audience, you instantly feel part of the show and know that you are in for something rather special. In fact, Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society are at it again with their utterly terrible yet brilliant show. Following previous mishaps such as Jack and the Bean, this time the society lends their hands to the age old classic Peter Pan. With flying, sword fights, and quick changes, what can possibly go wrong? 

You are introduced to Chris (Jack Michael Stacey) and Robert (Matthew Howell) who are the co-directors of the play you are about to watch, and spend the majority of the show trying to out perform each other. You are then introduced to the rest of the Cornley gang as they take on each part. You meet Lucy (Rosemarie Akwafo) who plays Tootles and has the biggest case of stage fright possible, you also meet Dennis (Clark Devlin) who plays John and Mr Smee, who definitely does not know any of the words! Sandra (Ciara Morris) comes across as the queen of the stage as she perfectly presents herself as Wendy whilst Jonathan (Gareth Tempest) plays the boy that never grows up (and seemingly struggles to fly too) Peter Pan. I adored Francis (Jean-Luke Worrell) as the Narrator, his flair, sass, and sparkles were perfectly cast in this role. I also loved Trevor (Jake Burgum), the stage manager who is thrown into every role and part possible to enable the show to run somewhat smoothly and Annie (Jamie Birkett) who seemed to play every female role in the show that wasn't Wendy. But our favourite was definitely Max (Theo Toksvig-Stewart) who was by far the best crocodile we have ever seen on stage. 

As with every part of a Mischief Theatre show, Peter Pan Goes Wrong goes hard on the physical comedy and cleverly crafted jokes. With collapsing stage, costume mishaps, and characters not even knowing their words, you barely have a chance to catch your breath before the next laugh arrives. And with a pantomime-esque feel to it, you quickly find yourself shouting “he’s behind you” and clapping along with the antics on stage. That’s not to say it’s just laugh after laugh as you soon realise each character has their own worries, insecurities, and sincere moments woven throughout. 

There’s honestly something magical about watching a Mischief Theatre show. I don’t know if it’s the way they meticulously create something that is both perfect and terrible, or if it’s the fact that I know their shows won’t fail to disappoint. Mischief can honestly do no wrong in my eyes. Each show they create is so technically brilliant. How they manage to create continuous action on a revolving set, and keep the momentum going at a farcical level is something to be admired and Mischief might arguably the leaders of this type of theatre. Peter Pan Goes Wrong is a must watch for the whole family to allow you a moment of escapism and hilarity in this somewhat sensible world that we supposedly live in. 

Running at the Mayflower Theatre until Saturday 28th October before continuing on a UK and spending time in London over Christmas, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is flying all over, and you must definitely not miss it.

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