The Full Monty UK Tour Review

 The Full Monty is one of those iconic British 90's movies that everyone seems to know. Whether you've seen it or not, you know the premise. A bunch of average Joe's get their kit off in order to help make ends meet whilst covering some themes such as mental health, body image, and sexuality. Whilst its origins are on the big screen, it's been living on the stage since Simon Beaufort created this award winning play in 2013. Billed as a true girl's night out, the Mayflower Theatre was certainly full of excited women ready for a fun evening ahead. 

The story follows an unlikely bunch of men, brought together through the job centre, and longing for better aspirations and futures for themselves and their families. You meet Gaz (Danny Hatchard), a dad who just wants to be able to afford the child support payments and be able to see his son. As Gaz and his best friend Dave (Neil Hurst) regularly sneak into their old steelworks employer to nick some bits for cash, they regularly meet Lomper (Nicholas Prasad) the security guard who's mental health is at an all time low. 

When they realise that one sure fire way to make money quickly is to take their clothes off, they quickly enlist an unlikely crew in Horse (Ben Onwukwe) the old school groover who's in need of a hip replacement; Guy (Jake Quickenden) the local heart throb who's chiselled abs put the rest to shame, and Gerald (Bill Ward) the former foreman of the steelworks who's hiding his unemployment behind credit cards and shame. As this gang join together, you soon realise that their own insecurities are the only thing holding them back from truly baring everything. 

I have to admit that this was a stellar cast. Each performer brought their own and allowed for dry humour that just fit and helped lead the story on. They truly left their inhibitions behind as they took to the stage with such sincerity and confidence. Danny Hatchard led the gang and I loved the relationship he had with his son Nathan (Theo Hills) who truly stole the show with his humour and heaps of energy on stage. To be surrounded by such big characters is a hard challenge, but he stood his own and won us over. 

Whilst I loved the premise, staging, and the way the play was presented, I did feel that the transitions between the scenes were quite long and clunky. Whilst I appreciate the moving of scenery is a massive task, at times I felt that the story was paused and the momentum dipped whilst things moved around. Despite this, I loved the show and felt that the characters truly made it special. And of course it can't be the Full Monty without the brilliant show at the end of it. To say it was blinding was an understatement! How the gang have the confidence to pull it off every day on stage is something to commend and celebrate. The audience loved it, and the actors seemed to have a fab time on stage too. 

The Full Monty is definitely a show for adult audiences. Covering themes that were touching, raw, and honest, it's a show that isn't afraid to take life by the balls and let everything hang free for the world to see. Amongst the humour, full on fun, and comedic times there is a show that takes a look at men's mental health and ways that they can band together to support each other. Whilst it's full on fun night out (quite literally!) it's also got heart to it too and is one not to be missed on the UK touring circuit. 

On at the Mayflower Theatre until 11/11/2023, it then continues on a UK tour. For more information and tickets please see below. 

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*Note: tickets were gifted in exchange for a review. 

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