Drag 'N' Drop! - Lighthouse Poole

 Merging gender ideology and quantum physics initially seems like one of the strangest combinations that you can get in a drag show. I mean, on the surface there seems to be hardly any similarities between the two. One is science, and one is all about gender identity. Yet Drag 'N' Drop by Ri Baroche does just that in a wild and wonderful show that puts what it means to be an individual in the world under a microscope. 

Drag 'N' Drop is a drag musical comedy that leaves you not knowing what to expect at each twist and turn. You are introduced to Dragona Budjet (pronounced Boo-gee not budget) one half of Drag 'N' Drop removals services. In a future where gender has been neutralised to ensure that everyone is equal, Dragona is frustrated that she is unable to express herself and uses the removals services as a front to allow her to express herself as a drag performer. However when Drop, her business partner fails to show up, she must entertain the audience with songs, dancing, and a bit of quantum physics whilst retelling the story of how the neutrals came to be. 

Whilst this show might seem completely bonkers and out of this world, it's easy to get immersed. Ri's performance is unflinchingly raw and allows you to truly see the emotions of the queer community and how identity is more than just a pronoun, it's a fluid, bending, changing thing that allows people to express themselves however they wish. Which isn't too dissimilar to particles that are ever changing and moving in a way that no-one can expect. 

Running at just over one hour, Drag 'N' Drop is a show that isn't for the shy. With audience participation, everyone is encouraged to learn and enjoy throughout this show. For a one person show, this one was full of endless energy and I don't know where Ri managed to muster it from at times in some heels that Barbie would envy! With experience of acting, drag, singing, and spoken word, and currently a MAST associate artist, you can tell that their experience has been drawn from everywhere and crafted into this show that is up, down, crazy, and in your face. With enough humour to amuse every audience member at some point (the quips at Ricky Gervais and Rishi Sunak were some personal favourites), it's truly a show that needs to be seen to be understood. 

Drag 'N' Drop is like nothing you have haver seen before. It's a show that pokes fun at itself whilst exposing the true emotions of those that feel they need to hide who they are inside. It's a show that is a celebration of gender in the eyes of bystanders all wrapped up in a rhinestone boot. It's a wierd and wonderful show and I love the fact that there are wonderful spaces in the South Coast that give platforms to shows such as this. For where else can you see a celebration of gender identity and quantum physics on the same stage in the same show?

On tour at various venues including the Black Cherry Theatre in Bournemouth. Don't miss out on a fun night out. https://www.theblackcherry.co.uk/event-details/cabaret-drag-n-drop

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