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Dance Consortium is a platform that exists to enable dance companies from around the world to tour the UK and Ireland. Made up of 19 theatres, it allows companies that wouldn't necessarily have the platform in the UK to showcase their work a way in which they can celebrate their dance and style. 

This time is the turn of Sao Paulo Dance Company that pairs heat and energy to bring together colourful and classic dance styles in an awe inspiring show that captivates audiences from curtain up until curtain call and beyond. Bringing together the choreography of three brilliant artistic directors, this showcase is something truly special and meant to be seen on a huge stage like the Mayflower's.  

Anthem (25 mins) - Anthem opens the show with a bang. A blend of frantic movements with hypnotic yoga-like poses throws you as an audience member as you are shown identity, life cycles and more by choreographer Goyo Montero. Teamed with an uplifting soundtrack that verges on ethereal at times, you are whisked away and are at times in utter disbelief that time has flown so fast. I loved that the simplistic costuming ensured that identities were hard to distinguish and those subtle differences allowed audience members to see changes and individuality peering through.

Gnawa (23 mins) - From the artistic mind of Nacho Duarto, Gnawa brings the heat and sultry, sensual dancing of the night. Set to the ritualistic, almost hypnotic music of North Africa, this piece is in your face and intimate at the same time. I loved the juxtaposition of the ensemble dancers with the duo that threw themselves around the stage and danced in perfect harmony together. 

Agora (20 mins) - A dance set to percussion, it was as hypnotic as watching a metronome move over and over. With each dancer moving in time to the ever changing beat, this dance choreographed by Cassi Abranches was colourful, flirtatious, and almost trance like in it's movement. With dancers running, jumping, and throwing themselves around the stage in frantic movements, it was hard to find something to focus on as there was so much to take in all at once. But that is somewhat the beauty of a dance like this, you aren't expected to absorb everything; merely understand the nuances and messages that you take from it. 

Whilst each dance was different in it's own way, you can clearly see that Sao Paulo Dance Company has a specific style of dance than ran throughout the show. A perfect blend of lyrical, contemporary, and ballet, it truly felt raw, honest, and chaotic all whilst being hypnotic and relaxing at the same time. Each dancer showed stamina, poise, and precision in each dance, and truly showcased some beautiful dancing on the Mayflower Theatre stage. With a simplistic yet striking costuming and lighting team, your eyes were truly transfixed on each move the dancers made on stage, and allowed the audience members to feel submerged in the show. 

Running at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton until 14/2/24, Sao Paulo Dance Company continue their tour of the UK with the support of Dance Consortium and visit various venues around the UK until the 23rd March. For more information and tickets, please follow the link to the Dance Consortium site: Dance Consortium.

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