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 Have we got a problem? Have we got a bone to pick? Because why oh why does Heathers the Musical seem to be getting better year on year? Now taking over the new @Soho Place theatre, Heathers is in London for 6 short weeks to wow audience with a new class joining them for the ride. 

Based on the cult classic 1989 film that follows one high school's classmates as they battle growing pains, fitting in, and well murder; this musical seems to have garnered even more of a cult following than the film it originated from. With audience members dressing up, dancing in their seats, and loving each and every character, it's no wonder it keeps coming back to theatres time and time again. 

The story follows misfit Veronica Sawyer, a teenager who just wants to survive high school. When she befriends the Heathers, she is thrown in a world that is uncomfortable and uncertain to her as she tries to navigate being one of the it girls. That is until she becomes infatuated with the mysterious new kid in school. And the new kid JD has some explosive secrets. Heathers is a story about growing up, the woes of high school, and how revenge and popularity isn't all that it seems.

With huge fan favourites woven throughout the show, it makes you question why there hasn't been a singalong version of this show with so many iconic musical theatre hits. From the catchy "Candy Store", to the standout "I Say No" I can definitely say that I was listening to this soundtrack the whole way home. 

This years casting for Heathers is a mix of old and new faces, and some brilliant professional debut's too. It's a show that loves to mix things up with the cast and will always take a chance on new names, rather than casting big west end stars which I truly commend. Taking the role of Veronica was Jenna Innes, having filled the role on the recent UK tour, she truly embodied Veronica and made the role her own. With such a powerful voice with a hint of innocence, this Veronica is truly the sarcastic, playful teen we know and love. Opposite her (the Clyde to her Bonnie if you like) was Keelan McAuley as JD. His performance throughout was absolutely mind blowing and I loved the way that he personified this character in a way that I hadn't seen in previous productions. His version of "Meant to be Yours" was just raw and powerful. A true talent on stage that showed the fragility and layers that this tortured character portrays. My favourite JD by far!

Esme Bowdler, Sedona Sky and Daisy Twells take to the role of the Heathers, each wearing their red, green, and yellow with pride. I loved their interpretations of these roles and their on stage dynamic just worked perfectly. Bowdler especially as she commands the stage throughout the whole show. I also thought that newbie Amy Miles smashed it as Martha, and her version of "Kindergarten Boyfriend" truly moved me. There is a big future on the horizon for her. There is something to be said however about an ensemble that just seem to work perfectly together, and you can truly see this with how effortlessly the show seems to just work, no matter who's on stage, and how much fun they seem to have in the curtain call. 

One thing I must mention is the staging. Whilst the set design hasn't changed, it feels like it overwhelms @Soho Place at times and the venue does feel incredibly small and intimate. Which for some is fantastic, but for others, can seem quite overwhelming. I was sat in the side balcony and felt that my view was perfect albeit side on. But from my view it also felt like the stalls were ever so cramped and there was little to no space for people. It does however mean that you get a brilliant view come that all important curtain call that had everyone up on their feet dancing at the end. 

Heathers is a show that is darkly comedic with iconic lines from the original film woven throughout. It's full of big, show stopping songs that you may have heard blasted all over social media. Navigating this social media popularity with the show can often be hard for productions, but this one leans into the hype and you can see that fans will come back time and time again. It's a show that seems to get better each time you see it, and I can honestly get behind the hype of these Corn Nuts! Whether it's your fist visit or your tenth visit to Westerberg, you're sure to leave the theatre humming the songs, and looking to book in for another round. Honey what you waiting for? Time to book your tickets!

Booking until 6th July :Heathers - @SohoPlace

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