An Early Birthday Wishlist.

This month we are trying to be very good with our spending. We find that we normally drop money on things we don't need like DVD's and snacks so we are cutting all of that out in the hope that we can pay off some of our student overdrafts so we can start saving for weddings and houses. 

So I now spend my time making wish lists of the things I want even more than before! My birthday is next month so I'm hoping that I've put this up here with enough time for Scott to see and get me something (wishful thinking)

  1. Belle Animator Doll - Growing up I always wanted to be Belle. I would spend my day with my head in a book, twirling round in a dress and singing to myself. Well things haven't changed and I'm pretty much exactly like that now! When we went to London we saw this doll and I fell in love with it. I'm adding it to my birthday list as I never had a Belle doll when I was growing up so I think I need one now. 
  2. John Lewis Sewing Machine - Realising that I can't stitch everything by hand (well I can but some things take far too long!) I realised that I needed a sewing machine. This one is such a cute colour that I feel I need it. Unfortunately living in a tiny place, I have no place to house it or use it - though a friend did suggest using an ironing board as a table...
  3. Vans - My pair have conveniently decided to give up the ghost so I deserve a new pair after having them for nearly 18 months right? I know that my local Vans store give you £5 off if you trade in your old shoes so I may well have to do that if I don't find them wrapped up for me!
  4. The Comforter Treatment - The amount of times I've written that I want this I may as well pay for it myself! I've been dying for a good treatment at the spa and this is perfect!
  5. Vitamix Aspire - Okay this may seem boring but I love cooking. This is an amazing blender that manages to cook and create everything from soups to ice cream. I need it in my life!
  6. Ms Cupcake - After having a recipe book clear out I'm on the hunt for some new ones with recipes in that I will cook. I have been lusting over this book since it came in. Its gorgeous, and I want to eat it all. 

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