Max's Festival Wishlist

Unfortunately we aren't off to any weekend festivals this year. More to the fact we couldn't afford it and we wanted to do a proper holiday instead. We are gutted we made this choice (obviously) and decided we are going to Victorious Festival for one day just to soak up the atmosphere!

Regardless here are some things we need for Max's next adventure to the great world of festivals.

Also there are some things that we as parents think are must haves for kiddo's

What are your kid essentials at festivals?


  1. That stuff all looks fantastic!!! Saw tonnes of cool wagons and bicycle trailers at Glastonbury. Almost made me sad I didn't bring my kids. Almost!!

  2. These diapers are SUPER absorbent. We've changed more than one leak from expensive diapers and most of them were all from 'weird angle!' accidents and the diapers were barely wet. With honest diapers you go to change the diaper and it's as heavy as a softball and you're just flabbergasted. They pull everything away from his skin, and are simply wonderful.