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Keeping the flame burning

I hope you have tucked the children in bed or have at least blindfolded them, because this week’s post is a more adult theme. No, we’re not going to be getting blue here, however the subject doesbegin on a blue, depressing confession.

What I have begun to realise now about Laura and I, is that as both writers and parents, we don’t have a lot of quality time together. If we’re not working or parenting, we are sat facing a screen concentrating on anything else but each other. It’s sad really, the time balancing game is a tough oneand if you’re not careful it can cause things to tip and fall.

If you are married, engaged or in a relationship you'll know how this feels, no matter what your job is or how many children you have. Fatigue, frustration, busyness and boredom doesn’t warrant good time with your significant other, it also doesn’t help you feel sexy.

Unless you’ve sworn yourself to future celibacy (which is fine) that sort of thing is still part of that flame you two keep alight. It’s the burning passion you forever share for one another through thick and thin which burns brighter with every show of affection. And therein lies the secret, you have to keep fuelling that flame, because you love one another.

First, set some time aside. Pick a day you’re both free and jump on it. Find a babysitter you trust to have the kids. My parents always used good friends and family to stay over while they went out (now I know why…). Once you’ve got a date set, you can do one of two things: get excited for the date together or be spontaneous.

If it’s planned, spend the build up getting one another excited. It should be, you’re doing something you both want to do. If you’re going somewhere, dress up for the occasion and make it special. Don’t rush home either, go explore other things. If you’re going to dinner, go somewhere to have fun together…or maybe somewhere quietly together. A park (not a playground, don’t mess yourselves up), a beach or even a quiet road gives you just the right amount of space and time to talk about one another romantically.

If you choose to go spontaneous, the most important thing about being spontaneous is setting the mood up. There’s no point offering a surprise to a partner who is REALLY not in the mood. Tee yourself up with hints and maybe even a gift to let them know you’re thinking of them. Prepare your surprise! If it’s at home, go the extra mile to set it up. It is simple, yet effective. Perhaps surprise them with a prepared meal (homemade, not a Rustlers burger)…or maybe a massage? Light some candles and even have some music playing. Make sure the music’s gentle and slow, not demonic death metal.

Then at the end of both, you can seal the deal…what? I’m going to spell it out for you or suggest things? No, that bit I’m going to leave for you to come up with.

It’s hard to express this to single parents, who I do apologise to. However, that’s not to say that chasing a flame isn’t out of the question. Relationships or simply some fun, don’t deny yourself of happiness. Go on dates and don’t be afraid to get back out there. There’s no pressure, but there’s no need to avoid it.

So, in conclusion, I just want to say how appreciative I am of having a wonderful and loving fiancĂ©e that melts my heart with every day. What I miss is the chance to do what we’ve never really given ourselves the opportunity to do…appreciate one another’s company. Don’t let that happen to you, enjoy love, embrace romance and express the affection you really deserve.

P.S – If I am suddenly responsible for a sudden outburst of newborn children, I insist on taking credit and naming them with the following names:

• Quentin
• Mr. Tumble III
• Hoartensia
• Chadwick
• Tuna
• Bognor Regis
• Luigi-Mario
• Tinky Winky
• Dipsy
• Lala
• Brum

• Glockenspiel

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yes!!! you both are looking very fit and young. ;)

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  2. I can't wait for you to meet Quentin
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

    1. Oooh Quentin, what an adorable child haha.

  3. Lala is a great name! lol. Great post Scott!