That parent – child bond

Friday’s here and guess what…Dad’s not home! That’s right, I’m in fact away on holiday as you read this, but thanks to the miracles of modern technology I send you this from the past (just like in A Christmas Carol).

This week’s topic is about bonding with your child/ren. Children will mostly try to become whatever they want, thank goodness my son has not tried to become Barney the Dinosaur (not a fan of that spud bodied, perfect teethed lizard). The people that influence them the most are their parents.

Thing is, it’s hard to find something you both enjoy doing. Most of the time you are sat watching Barney the Dinosaur with your head in your hands thinking ‘why on earth did I think showing him this would be a good idea?’. 

You know what you like as a person, the music you listen to, the sports you enjoy, the beliefs you hold, the hobbies you have and even the little perks you have in life. 

For me, I enjoy showing Max what sports I like, what music I listen to and writing. The perks I get with showing Max these are, we get out of the flat and go play sports. If it’s throwing an American football or kicking a football and running about, it’s a good day out. We get to sing songs and have fun on trips in the car, even pretend to be in a rock band (Guess who is the back-up for Max? Yeah! That’s me, get jealous!) And even though he hasn’t got a clue about writing, we can pretend to write and draw then I get to make up bedtime stories for him.

It’s something that gives you the chance to do something that they will remember and you can have fun together. I’m excited to get to take Max to football games, watch games together and even get to see if he wants to give it a go. I hope Max does fulfil his dream of becoming a rock star if that is his chosen path or if he wants to be a writer like his dad…only better.

I hope you give yourself a chance to try this out, because it’s what you get excited for when you’re expecting. The picture this week is one of me and Max in football tops, just to show you how exciting and fun it is to do things together.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you all next week!

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