This weeks Fri-Dad post is going to be a little different to the last few that I've done.

This week, I had an interview for an internship in London. The experience was fantastic, but the one thing that stood out to me. During the interview process I was asked a question that the interviewers knew the answer to. I was asked 'what has been your proudest moment to date?'. Seeing my application, they knew it was becoming a dad to which I could only give them one answer.

Well, this time I'm going to ask you a similar question. As parents, we can probably all answer this question (this is possibly where I made a mistake), so I want to change it slightly.

While I was having a roller coaster interview process miles away from the family, Max was kicking butt going to the potty, telling people he needed to go and even though he did misfire, he was honest and polite about it. He even popped out of the house nappy free. I got back ad was so proud he had a fantastic day.

So tell me: What have your children done that has made you a proud parent:

This can answered to any extent, whether it's: A big performance, finally finishing a full bottle, their first time staying out of trouble, using manners without a prompt, referred to you as 'Dad' for once, huge step towards potty training, they went to bed on time, saying the right thing at the right time...the suggestions are endless.

There is no wrong answer (unless you're lying) and there is no superior answer, the fact that your child has amazed you for doing something you didn't expect them to do. They weren't like me, they did the unexpected and impressed you.

I can't wait to read what amazing things you're kids have done. It would be great to hear you talk so wonderfully about your proudest achievements ever.

So go for it dear Fri-Dadder's, amaze me!

Until it's Fri-Time, have a great weekend!

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