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A couple of days late because lots has been going on in the Davies-Castle house but here is the ever so popular Fri-Dad post!

Eight things that makes parenting like sports:

It's late in the day but not too late at all to add a Fri-Dad post today. Today's post is about comparing sport to parenting. A nice easy read to ease you into the weekend. Excluding competition, here are reasons that sport and parenting has similarities.

1) Preparation: NFL Quarterback Russell Wilson always answers the reason he became successful, despite his short stature for a game where height is valued was that 'the separation is in the preparation'. By preparing properly, there was nothing to surprise I'm come an incident where the plan went awry. The same could be applied to parenting, the more incidents you get yourself ready for, the less surprised you can make yourself.

2) Leadership: The importance of being a mum or a dad is leadership and guidance through both good and bad. In team sports, someone has to keep morale and help out whenever. It doesn't mean shouting and screaming to get things right, it's simply being the voice and figure of someone that earns respect and imitation. You're the leader, and you know the best way to go.

3) Perseverance: Do you remember how harrowing it was to watch Andy Murray just miss out on winning Wimbledon time and time again? Think about how easy it would've been to quit, he could've retired and tried his hand at something else. He didn't though. He went back and beat the best in the world and decorated himself with other awards such as an Olympic Gold Medal.
All those tough times you remember parenting pushing you to the brink of tears, or just tears were exhausting. Don't quit, you can't quit, things will always improve as long as you don't let a hard time knock you down. You're still a leader and a hero in you child/ children's eyes.

4) Anything can happen: The great thing about sport is sometimes you can't expect things to go the way predicted. Preparation (number 1) can be good for anticipating things, but sometimes surprises can spoil plans. No one expected Man. City to win the league in a thrilling 5 minute performance. Parenting is similar too, admire the surprises, it adds a little excitement to the ride.

5) Rest: Athletes do work hard, but cannot perform without resting and recovering. Same goes for parenting. Use opportunities to rest and relax, especially when sport doesn't call for your attention during the night because it wet itself. Some people leave sports then return to go again. This can equate to nights off or holidays, use them and keep in the loop with friends.

6) Trial and Error: Training for athletes is like trial and error of performance. Without trying and failing they will never learn how to be successful. Now compare it to parenting, routines, jobs, toilet training (see previous Fri-Dad post) is similar. It's okay for things to go wrong, as long as you learn to improve from it. It will all work itself out.

7) Teamwork: How many times have you heard the saying 'there's no i in team'? They mean work together, stick together and be successful together. Same applies to couples, whether separated or together can work together by negotiating and sharing the workload to get things done.

and finally...

8) Love: Despite everything, athletes are athletes for the pure love of their sport. You can see it in their passion, their success and when they meet and greet people. The same goes for parenting, everything amounts to the love of your child/children, your role, the chance to be happy as a family. It's worth each and every bit and there's not a moment you cannot forget being happy.

Anything I might have missed or something you want to add? Go ahead and add it!

Thanks very much and have a great weekend!


  1. As a sports fan and parent, I loved reading this! I thought that the parallels that you drew were spot on. There's a great book by Ed Smith that I read a few years ago that's called 'What Sport Tells Us About Life'. I don't remember it talking about parenting, but it was a really thought-provoking read.


  2. Jonathan thank you very much for your comment. It's nice to see someone respond to my post. I shall do my best to find some time to check the book out. I can also recommend the book 'Win Forever: Work, Live and Play like a Champion' by Pete Carroll. The book really offers a great motivation and inspiration towards attitude in every aspect of life. I'm not sure if you're a gridiron fan or a fan of Carroll himself, but I found this book to be a real eye opener when at University.

    Best of wishes and I'll be sure to swing by your blog when I can.