I'm back Fri-Dad readers and just in time too. My weekend away was fun and insightful.

It was the weekend and a video I watched that made me realise that I had my topic for the day.

Prior to the weekend away I had a one track mind. I wanted to push and pull my way through my career. I thought that the focus I needed was to be in position to succeed at my passion to prove myself to my family.

The weekend came and that focus was held. I felt like I was going to really push myself to be the best for my family and my son.

I return home first night. I can't sleep, I grab my iPad and get flicking through YouTube and I come across a documentary 'The Book of Manning'. It was a documentary that is focused on the previous lives of successful NFL quarterback family Archie (father) and sons Cooper, Peyton and Elias.

Archie Manning was a promising football prospect, but never had a bond with his father. Before going professional, he returned home to find his dad dead. It was his duty to tell his family what he saw and what he needed to do to support the family. He was told to pursue his dream.

He went pro, but never reached the success he found in college. He decided he wanted his own family, but he wanted to do things different. Unlike his dad, he wanted to throw all of his focus on his family. It didn't matter how he performed, if he won or loss or ever became the best. All he thought about was spending time with his boys.

Because he spent his time watching his sons perform, he was able to see the true success that he achieved as a man, a wonderful family.

I swear to god I struggled to dry my eyes when I reflected upon that video. It made me realise what I really should be focusing on.

Sure I want to be a writer as much as anyone writing more or less than I do. Sure I want to do something special and even though I'm not a prospect, I know now I want to be remembered as something better, a great dad.

All that really cheers me up is time with my family, fun spent with my son and happiness he experiences. I know if I dedicate my time and focus on him more than I focus on writing I will truly have succeeded. It doesn't matter to him if I have a good or bad day at work, writing or get rejected for an opportunity, he just wants some needed attention.

Such a simple point can be truly overlooked. Please, don't make the mistake I did of doing that. Now, I have some dad business to attend to. Have a great weekend.

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