Hey everybody, December is upon us, the nights are getting longer and the temperature is dropping. Uplifting I know. Well this weeks post is food for thought.

I recently saw a friend post out about parenthood and how it affects friendships. They were explaining that since having children they don't necessarily have that lifestyle that friends without kids have. You prioritise differently, time schedules are pointless and your days are filled with watching Peppa Pig and the cbeebies programs (unless you own sky or virgin of course, then you can change it frequently).

The thing is we all know that this was coming. It's near impossible to balance your social life with parent life. It's too exhausting and your attitude to things change a little. Suddenly partying isn't as cool as it looks. You long that young carefree lifestyle your others friends live and envy the fun you think they must have.

What I think gets overlooked is enjoying and embracing parenthood with other parents. Parenting can feel like solitude if you are alone and sometimes you do feel like you need to stay confined. The thing is it's not true, you're not the only parent about and your child is probably capable of socialising themselves.

Parent friendships can spark nearly anywhere: it can be nursery and play school, stay and plays, soft play areas, parent and toddler events...even on days out. It's strange befriending new people, especially if like me you're younger than a lot of parents and your only initial point of contact is your children get along. There is a barrier I feel in people that it's too informal to make friendships like that. After meeting and greeting other parents at parks, nurseries and play areas I've realised there's little need to feel uptight.

The one thing I take great comfort in is how social and interesting my son can be to other kids and parents. He made friends at nursery and because of it gave us chances to meet other parents and talk about things adults do. Max made one friend from nursery who we have kept in touch with nearly a year separated from nursery. The boys parents are much older than us and have very different lives, but they're just fantastic company and great to just catch up with after a busy week. On top of that, their son is absolutely wonderful.

It's friendships made like that and making the effort to socialise that makes a difference both to my sons well being and mine. I urge anybody who does feel a little distant having children and doesn't venture to parent and child events to take that step. It's a tough step, don't get me wrong, but showing your face regularly, giving your child something fun and new to do will eventually get you meeting familiar faces.

Sure, those days going out and not having to sit through children's tv were great, but that was great. The quality time you get to spend with parents and their children is never alone and can lead to some very wonderful friendships.

That's it for today, but I shall be at the pbloggers discussion Sunday. If I go quiet, it will be because I'm flitting between NFL and this and NFL would be winning.

As always, have a great weekend!

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